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Letter to the editor: We need to put the blame where it belongs

I found Wednesday’s remarks by Dr. Ralph Sinibaldi to be a bit amusing. As do most left-wing commentators, he criticized opposition to Obamacare, despite the polls that show great public antipathy to it. Note that he follows the party line in attempting to remove Obama’s name from the humorously titled “Affordable Care Act,” which is causing premiums to skyrocket.

His categorization of political sentiments as 51 percent middle ground; 28 percent right; and 21 percent left is also a bit laughable. Where are the dividing lines that define these categories? I am reminded of the statement that 86 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot (including that one).

I got the biggest smile out of his reference to “… a well-designed and well-run government-based system …” That is a classic oxymoron, right up there with “giant shrimp.” Reagan was demonstrably correct when he informed us that, “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.”

I didn’t laugh, though, when Sinibaldi blamed the recent shutdown on Congress. That I find annoying. Congress is tasked with originating all spending bills. They did their job, passing a spending bill and submitting it to the Senate. However, Nevada’s Harry Reid didn’t like it, so he refused to even present it to the Senate. Because of that irresponsible act, there was no authorization for the administration to spend money — so they had to shut down. It wasn’t the Tea Party, Congress, or even the Senate that shut down the government. It was my old friend Harry Reid. Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

Finally, Dr. Sinibaldi repeats the great liberal contradiction. He soberly states that it will destroy our credit standing if we do not raise the debt limit and borrow even more money that we cannot repay. Left wing thinking is truly amazing.

Don Carsten

South Lake Tahoe

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