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Letter to the editor- Writer’s view dead wrong

To the editor,

On September 11th, I was too grief-stricken by the cowardly acts of terrorism

committed, to answer Mr. Steve Goldman’s letter. Today, on this national day

of mourning, reality is finally sinking in. We donated for relief of the

victims in New York (our birthplace), and privately prayed for all victims of

this national tragedy. But, now I realize that more than private prayers or

donations are needed to show fellow Americans a resolve and unity of purpose

in combating insidious acts of terrorism and answering those who would

condone them.

Mr. Goldman, you are dead wrong! It is OK to criticize this nation, or for

someone who believes in peace “at any price” to follow his conscience, right

down the tube. But, don’t compare the fallout from our power and wealth, to

these acts of evil, which were specifically aimed at killing innocent people.

Besides, we are always seeking to improve our democracy and the human

condition at home, and abroad. You can’t say the same about the terrorist

organizations or the nations supporting them. Their leaders couldn’t care

less about their own people, while they are well protected and live in

comfort. Maybe that will soon change.

True, much more needs to be done for human rights, health and safety and the

environment, and to close the ever widening gap between rich and poor. In

many ways, the American people are committed to doing just that. As a great

nation, and the lone Superpower we will have the resources, and hopefully the

leadership to do it in the future. But, first let us take care of our

immediate need, to rub out, or severely retard terrorism. Otherwise, who is

going to be left around to improve the human condition? Surely not the


Phil Steinberg

South Lake Tahoe

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