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Letter to the editor: Zucker’s glass house

I was amazed at Michael Zucker’s editorial on Wednesday. He used two full columns in a furious tirade against Republicans because of their contentious actions. His diplomatic example certainly taught the GOP a thing or two about civil and considerate behavior!

Typically, Mr. Zucker’s creative comments were not stifled by the annoying restraints of accuracy. It would take far more space than I am allowed to point out all the falsehoods and faulty analyses in his missal, but I must focus on the most egregious and humorous of all. He actually commented that an “… explosion of assault weapon …” sales has taken the lives of “… thousands more than we lost on 9/11.” Zucker would have us believe that assault rifles have been used to kill more than 5,000 innocent people (3,000 people were murdered on 9/11, and “thousands more” would be at least two more thousands) — presumably in the United States, since he is accusing conservatives of allowing it.

I would certainly like to see the worksheets he used to manufacture those allegations. How many fully automatic assault weapons have been sold in the last 10 years? Why doesn’t the government arrest these people for violating the existing laws against owning or selling such firearms? How many homicides were committed by legally owned assault rifles in the USA during 2012? Hint: there are no legally owned assault weapons in the civilian population.

Resorting to actual facts, we find that the murder rate in our country has dropped from 9.8 per 100,000 in 1992 to 4.8 in 2010. And this occurred during the time that the “explosion of assault rifles” is alleged to have occurred.

The remainder of Mr. Zucker’s remarks followed the same standards of accuracy.

Don Carsten

South Lake Tahoe

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