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Letter to the editor


I am a life-long Democrat, somewhat disillusioned with my party. For too many years we have been represented in the House of Representatives and the State Legislature by far right Republicans. Because of the influx of Republicans to our area, and the gerrymandering of our district boundaries by the deal-makers in Sacramento, we have been unable to elect a Democrat to a House seat since the days of Congressman Bizz Johnson. Unfortunately, our area has become heavily Republican and the future doesn’t look any brighter for us.

It’s time for a change. I am fed up with the Doolittle political machine and their chicanery. With my one vote, I have decided to do something about it. I am now registered as a Decline to State, meaning that I can vote in the primary election for the party of my choice. I will request a Republican ballot at the polls so that I can vote for Dr. Billy Kirby, a moderate Republican whose ideologies are closer to mine. He and I don’t agree on everything but he’s far closer than Doolittle can ever get. Maybe, just maybe, if enough others feel as strongly as I do, we can send John Doolittle packing after this election.

Remember, you only have until Feb. 19 to register to vote.

Ken Geil


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