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Letter: ‘Toppling, the towers are still toppling’

It’s as if the Twin Towers are still falling down. In the last 14 years, foundations that once held the United States together have continued to crumble in the aftermath of 9/11, as if those planes are still ramming right into our architecture. Every morning I click on the news to see what catastrophe has struck now.

They’re still falling, the Twin Towers are still toppling down, and some of us are having a hard time holding our lives together while everything around us falls apart.

Middle class kids who should be in college are instead on city streets shooting heroin, a drug that arrives in mass quantities from Afghanistan, which makes me wonder: Could the destruction of a whole generation with this opiate be yet another way a crafty enemy has found to attack us without using conventional weapons?

Toppling, the towers are still toppling.

Tech CEOs refuse to cooperate with government and loosen encryption even though it was security agencies of government who created the encryption and turned it over to those corporations to use for profit. So in yet another way terrorists can use our technology against us, just as they did flying American airplanes into American buildings. With the cooperation of Apple et al ISIS et al will continue to use encryption to plan attacks such as Friday, Nov. 13, in Paris. Can you imagine General Motors refusing to make tanks in World War Two because they could make more money on convertibles?

Toppling, the towers continue to topple.

In the middle of all this mayhem, it’s the President of the United States who is considered by many to be the enemy while a character such as Edward Snowden, hiding who knows where working for who knows whom, is considered by many to be a hero.

Toppling, the towers continue to topple.

When I was in junior high school in Pasadena in the 1960s, the topic in social studies class one day was who is qualified to run for president according to the Constitution. “They must be natural born citizens,” explained the teacher. “Even if they move to this country at age 1, they are still not qualified to be President.” Many of us asked why.

“Because the president must be totally imbued in the American experience as one can only be if one has been an American their entire lives,” she explained. And it made sense. However, many U.S. public schools on bare-bones budgets today, thanks to continuing economic effects of 9/11, do not even offer Social Studies class anymore.

So Ted Cruz, who arrived here from Canada as a confused teenager and found his purpose in life in a fundamentalist Christian school in Texas, is able today, with the help of his billionaire friends, to work his way up the Republican candidate roster, calling for policies that totally run against the American DNA, such as a religious litmus test for immigrants.

Toppling, the towers continue to topple.

Kay Ebeling

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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