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Letter — Transporting bears is answer

Recently I read about a mother bear and her two cubs being killed for breaking into a cabin, and I do realize something had to be done because of the damage the bears caused. I can’t help but wonder that if you trapped and transported a mother bear and her cubs to a really remote wilderness area (yes, I know, that costs money, a lot of it.) and release them there, they would have no choice but to learn survival skills to survive in the wild. The mother’s natural instincts would come into play and help her find natural food for her little ones. At worst they wouldn’t make it, at best we gave them one last chance to survive, without having to be killed. Just a thought, and maybe a last measure of human kindness to our animal transgressors out there who have crossed the line. After all, they’re hungry, and think like animals, not people.

The same for the beavers, trap them and release them somewhere else, far away from where they can wind up causing problems. Again, its just giving them a chance to live elsewhere.

Condors were on the edge of extinction and we brought them back. Peregrine Falcons were on the edge of extinction, and we brought them back. Bald Eagles were on the Edge of Extinction, and Black Footed Ferrets were too, and we brought them back. They were the lucky ones, we learned in time that there weren’t enough of them anymore, and did something about it. Passenger Pigeons, Giant Moas, and Ivory Billed Woodpeckers never got that chance, they went the way of the dinosaurs, never to be seen again. We can still learn lessons from them though, once they’re gone, they’re gone! For ever! We should continue finding ways to make room for our animal life. Yes, people come first, I’ve always believed that, but its people who care, who make the difference of whether animals get a fighting chance or not. I believe that too!

Theodore R. Harris III

South Lake Taho

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