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Letter: Tree removal leaves lots of wood in Al Tahoe neighborhood (opinion)

Returning to SLT after the long winter, summer reveals some major carnage to so many of our lovely pine trees in Al Tahoe.

I understand they were in danger of the Liberty electric power lines, but couldn’t they have been partly saved, maybe only cutting them down to just below the power lines, say 12-14 feet … then the owners of these properties could have kept a nice trunk and had a carving done to it, or just a trunk with its top branches missing.

I ride my bike by so many cabins, cottages and homes that have massive huge cut slices of their tree with no possible way to move these pieces, split these for firewood or even sell these.

It’s a burden to a homeowner, especially the elderly who have no means to clean up these massive pieces.

Liberty may have contacted them, but it would be nice in the future to offer an alternative method of saving the trunks. I see in North Lake Tahoe the trees are topped off and the trunks saved. What a business the wood carvers would have and we all could enjoy the beauty… plus small branches and small wood could be removed and used for firewood.

I have many photos of trees down on lots in Al Tahoe that may never ever be cleaned up because of the massive size and weight of the pieces left after the trees were taken down. One tree was over 4 feet in width!


Janet Nelson

South Lake Tahoe, California

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