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Letter: Tree troubles in South Lake Tahoe (opinion)

I know many residents have suffered the massacre of trees, especially on their own property.

The manner in which it was carried out was deeply disturbing, and destructive. Huge, age old trees felled and left for residents to complete the process. Left behind were rounds so huge that it was hard to find someone to cut these down to manageable pieces.

The job required equipment not owned by the average everyday resident. We may live in a forest, but we do not all have massive chainsaws.

There are many people who wanted the wood, and would cut it free, but they could not manage to cut through these monolithic stumps. Thus we are left with these stumps, like grave stones, on our property, an eyesore and destruction to plants coming up around them.

It falls on the owners to pay and hire someone to get rid of them. We were quoted between 150 and 300.

My question is why was this allowed to happen? Why didn’t those responsible at least cut the rounds so that the residents could manage the wood? Why should we pay for very sloppy and inconsiderate action?

Plus the felling of so many trees has also caused water damages as there are no longer trees to absorb all the water that now accumulates everywhere.

Patricia E. Okacza

South Lake Tahoe, California