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Letter — Tribune is ultra-liberal, Marxist newspaper


I have noticed a tone in the newspaper which is definitely from the ultra-liberal, extremist-left school of journalism.EMonday’s headlines: Locals watch football (not Bush’s address to the nation); Bush needs to be more convincing; Everyone should be allowed to get married. Tuesday’s headline: Foes fight Bush changes to Sierra Nevada Framework. Removal of Bill O’Reilly’s column also comes to mind as an example of not wanting to present a viewpoint that conflicts with the agenda of the Marxist wing of the Democratic party — and apparently this newspaper.

This football enthusiast watched the president’s address to the nation and found it convincing.E

As to marriage? Marriage is an institution recognized by societies throughout history and given certain benefits from society in recognition that the future of society depends on the future citizens that result from the marriage. Without those future citizens there can be no future society. If two men “love” each other or two women “love” each other, that is their prerogative, but it provides no benefit to society; therefore, the relationship deserves no special benefits from society.E

This extremist-tone change appears to have coincided with the arrival of the new managing editor. It will shortly be followed by cancellation of my subscription.

Paul Woods

South Lake Tahoe

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