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Letter: Tribune story sheds light on Tahoe’s true housing crunch (opinion)

Thank You Claire Cudhay! Finally a real article about the horrible conditions that locals have to deal with. Finally not a article about how bad it is for VHR owners and all the fines that they don't pay.

Everyday I am disgusted by how people have no regard for there neighbor, community or their own soul. Everyday I am embarrassed by the choices our leaders are making and how people actually think people won't go to Tahoe because of our fines. It made national news, and the mayor is "sickened" by that.

Sickened by Tahoe having a no tolerance for bad behavior, protect our environment law with a fine attached? Sickened by not becoming the toilet bowl of outdoor vacations? Well guess what mayor, if we didn't have a single VHR, hotel, motel, resort, they would still come and pitch a tent! People came before there where ski lifts and casinos, too. Why? Because it's Tahoe! You forget where you live?

I do commend the motels for opening there places for long-term rentals. However, let me ask you, MAYOR, would you stay at the Matterhorn? Would you raise your kids there? I didn't think so.

Angry, frustrated and over it

Jade Hemsley

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