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Letter — U.N. let WWII happen

Tahoe Daily Tribune

World War One was started by Germany in 1914 and ended in 1918 when Germany was defeated by a coalition of 32 nations which became the League of Nations. The League established the Treaty of Versailles, which set the conditions for the armistice.

Germany reluctantly signed the treaty which required them to pay major reparations, give up lands and restrict their military force. Their army was limited to 100,000. The construction or importing of armored cars and tanks was prohibited. They were not to have poison gas. (They were the first to use it in 1915.) Their fortifications were to be destroyed. Their navy was limited to 36 war vessels and they were not to have any submarines. Occupation of a portion of the country could continue for 15 years but as time passed, the League deteriorated and lost interest in enforcement of the conditions.

Adolph Hitler began a military buildup when he took command in 1936. The powerless “mini League” watched as he built up his army, navy and air force. With 56 U-Boats available and numerous tanks he made a blitzkreig (lightning war) on Poland and then attacked other nations.

The League of Nations failed. I hope that the United Nations will not let history repeat itself.

Glenn S. Smith

South Lake Tahoe