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Letter — Unjustified bear killings

The reason bait-trap-kill is NOT a justifed method of wildlife management by fish and game is that ANY bear that happens to walk into a trap gets killed — whether it was the “right” (intended) bear or, not.

And it is worse when we kill THREE bears, needlessly.

Tragically, F&G determined that their trapper KILLED THE WRONG BEARS at Spring Creek. This momma bear was not teaching her cubs to break into homes: these were NOT the bears that broke into the Hendersons’ cabin — they just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The cubs walked into the trap and their mother died wailing for them outside. The trapper did not even get out of his truck, just shot momma through the rolled down window without ascertaining if it was “the right” bear or, to see if there were people around (there were) disregarding public safety or public land.

This kind of action is NOT justified and it is not right and should never have happened.

Spring Creek is a wildlife corridor and there were 14 known bears traveling through to Taylor Creek and the Lake.

On October 22 about a dozen tourists watched this bear teaching her cubs to fish for Kokanee salmon in Tayor Creek. The tourists stood less than 50 yards from the bears in enchanted silence for over half and hour, observing how one of the cubs was so clumsy it could “catch” only the dead salmon.. And, momma bear never made any threatening sounds or, moves toward the tourists.

To those in our town who can understand “value” only in terms of “property” and “profits” — be advised that we have lost three valuable tourists assetts by killing those three bears.

When we lose compassion for animals, we also, lose compassion for other people and we become worse than animals because we had the capacity to know better. … Our world is poorer for having lost three bears needlessy.

Erika Toth

P.O. Box 13388

South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96151


Foy acknowledges no physical characteristics are assigned to bears when depredation permits are issued and there’s no way to know whether the same bears were involved.

But he said no bear problems have occurred in the area since the three bears were killed.

“Every single time bears are killed on a depredation permit people will challenge you whether you got the right bears,” he said.

California Department of Fish and Game officials have defended their handling of a Lake Tahoe case involving three bears whose killings last month prompted a public outcry.

Agency spokesman Patrick Foy ins

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