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Letter — Vacation plans on the line

Tahoe Daily Tribune

It has come to my attention that this Renaissance event may not reach fruition this year. I have already made reservations for my family and others to spend 2 days and 1 night in the Lake Tahoe area to attend the event both days and to spend the evening with dinners on the town and other late night entertainment.

As we were looking for a more domestic vacation for our family and friends (yes, we were figuring on 2 – 5 additional families joining us) this event is perfect.

These days with terrorism, SARS and just the entire downtrend economy – it is more critical than ever to do research and travel to domestic destinations and this one seemed thoroughly perfect for the entire family. The event would keep even the youngest of family members entertained and with their mothers in a safe, secure environment. It would allow the more adventurous of us to further explore

the area’s many evening choices.

I do not want to cancel these 3 nights and 2 days that have been planned months ago – it is really too late to rearrange our travel plans and it would be a shame to see all this preparation go to waste. Everyone is truly set on visiting Lake Tahoe for this event. Some will be visiting for the very first time. Please see a way to enable everyone to succeed here. It is a good investment for the community, the families and the country.

We can all do something – even if the event is pared down to two weekends instead of three.

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Holly Rose Berntsson

San Mateo