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Letter: Vote for Wallace, Grego, Davis (opinion)

The wrong group of people are running our city. They’ve got almost every issue wrong.

The one that really burns me is their trying to get back at we voters because their sales tax for road repairs failed. Now as payback against us they haven’t put anything into the budget for road repairs this year after spending lots of our hard-earned money buying ads telling us how bad the pot holes were. And the other basic things we need like police, fire and affordable housing have gone by the wayside out of an $86 million budget! Where is our money?

We voters have the responsibility to clean up this mess. We hire and fire the council. This time we need to do the firing of Austin Sass and Wendy David. We should hire Tamara Wallace, Bruce Grego and Tom Davis.

I’m really looking forward to Wallace getting us back to basics. I’ve seen her on TV at every single council meeting. I’ve listened to her and read the things she has written. And I’ve talked to her when she has stood for hours at the Post Office meeting as many people as she can while listening to our ideas. I’m voting for Wallace.

Grego seems fearless. I’ve seen him stand up against this council as they glare at and put down members of the public. He is a good local attorney who used to be on the council years ago and he did a great job. I’m voting for Grego.

Davis is the only incumbent possibly worth saving. He has stood up to Sass, the council bully who we accidently elected four years ago. Tom can stay but Austin has to go.

I hope you also vote for Wallace, Grego and Davis.

Sheri Henson

South Lake Tahoe, California

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