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Letter: Vote ‘no’ on Measure C

Measure C is another tax increase scheme by the city disguised as a noble effort to fix our streets. The city has neglected to budget annually to keep up the necessary street repairs and now is claiming this state of emergency must be addressed with a tax increase. I call this management by crisis. The many examples where the city has squandered public resources are both large and small.

From the parking garage, the hole in the ground, the million dollars in losses from the purchase of the motel on Ski Run Boulevard that was torn down to build a parking garage and recently sold to the owner of the Ski Run Marina for $100,000 and the ill-advised parking meter fiasco, have all contributed to the city’s inability to provide adequate core city services.

Add to that, the remodel of the fire station in Al Tahoe to accommodate the oversized and unnecessary piece of fire equipment with a cost of over $1 million. Today, that engine is stored at the airport and the remodeled fire station (cost over $100,000) is closed. The amount of money spent on consultants, studies for almost every decision the city makes, and outside attorney fees, amounts to a staggering annual bill.

The city’s decision making is crippled without outside counsel or a consultant. It’s Ridiculous!

For too long the city has ignored basic street repairs and pot holes. If Measure C doesn’t pass, the city will use the outcome to punish the residents with continued neglect of our streets. The city’s proposed list of uses of the proceeds of this measure, should it pass, contains a lengthy list that includes bike trails and sidewalks.

It is doubtful that there will enough revenue to fulfill the commitment the city has made, particularly considering the current condition of our streets.

Don’t be fooled, vote “No” on Measure C.

John N. Cefalu

South Lake Tahoe, California

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