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Letter: VP evades direct questions

To the editor:

On March 5, the vice president appeared on “Face The Nation.” He was asked simply-worded and direct questions, all of which he would not or could not answer.

When asked two direct questions about his and the president’s tax-cut proposals, he said he “didn’t know the exact figures” and that “you would have to ask Sen. Demenachi, the Budget Committee chairman.” The questions were not answered.

When asked several questions about the USS Greenville and its tragic sinking of a Japanese fishing vessel, he was neither aware of the ship’s mission that day, nor was he aware of any of the details. Come on! I guess I know more than he does about the incident. Or does he know something he can’t tell us. Either way, he comes off weak.

When asked about President Clinton’s dubious judgment regarding pardons (a subject you’d think he would jump all over), he said, “We’ll just have to wait to see what Congress says.” Since when does a vice president ever just sit around and let Congress have its way?

Fortunately for the vice president, and I suppose to avoid embarrassing him further, he wasn’t asked any questions about the soaring cost of fossil fuels, a commodity he has a direct financial interest in.

Regardless of the issues, questions, or political implications, Dick Cheney appeared either to be afraid to take a stand, or incredibly ignorant about current issues and his own government’s workings. I hope he and the president don’t take this pusillanimous approach to actually governing our nation.

Mark Workman

Rubicon Bay, Calif.

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