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Letter — W. ranks up there with the worst

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I agree with the letter published Feb. 24 titled “Presidency has been a disaster.” It is not only a disaster, it’s an embarrassment. Our worldwide reputation has been harmed. George W. Bush could end up as the worst president this country has ever had.

The Constitution provided for complete separation of church and state. The framers of the Constitution knew what had happened when religious groups got control of a country. George W. bush took the oath of office, promising to protect and uphold the Constitution. He broke his promise almost immediately by advocating prayer in the schools; giving federal money to religious groups for welfare purposes; and money for religious schools. When the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared the Pledge of Allegiance illegal, he objected loudly. For over 200 years the meaning of “separation of church and state,” has been understood and adhered to. George W. doesn’t understand that. He claims to have an A-C average in college. Could that be an exaggeration?

It seems like it should be an impeachable offense to take the oath and purposely violate that promise.

In a relatively short time, George W. bush has wiped out all the federal surplus, increased the national debt, bypassed environmental agreements, imposed testing in schools that require concentration on passing a test rather than real education, and approved school vouchers that would diminish the public schools. He wants to cut taxes in spite of the national debt.

Bush seems to be threatening everyone who disagrees with him. He makes ridiculous statements that are not in keeping with the dignity of the presidency; such as “I hate so and so,” “wanted dead or alive,” or “our rights are derived from God.” His economic recovery plan seems to be duct tape, etc., for everyone.

Ray H. Cooper

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