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Letter — War for oil? Show me the proof


I went to some of the Web sites peace activist Hillary Dembroff recommended. Cities for Peace had some alternative solutions to the war. Immediately end all sanctions against Iraq. Open ourselves to U.N. inspectors, disarm all weapons. Stop all support for Israel. Hold responsible for war crimes all of our leaders over the past two decades.

United for Peace’s site had some interesting links. Left Turn, (an anti American revolutionary socialist movement), their own words from their own site, U.S. Socialist Organization, U.S. Campaign to end Israeli Occupation, U.S. Socialist party, International Answer, Iraq Peace Pledge, (based in Iraq), and many other questionable groups.

I went to some sites she didn’t recommend. China, Russia, and France are the top three export partners with Iraq. China is owed tons of money. Russia has possibly the biggest contract to develop Iraq’s oil fields once the sanctions are lifted. And other governments that are opposed are afraid they’re next. They should be if they treat their people like Iraq. In Iraq someone opposed to Saddam is executed along with their entire family.

It’s been said this is a war for oil, or to draw attention away from domestic affairs. Where’s the proof? You say Bush is an oil man, what more proof do you need? Well then, Saddam’s a mad man, what more proof do you need? Only difference is that the president, vice president, Cabinet members, most of Congress, Britain and many others have shown proof.

You think that all the wars for freedom were already fought. This attitude usually leads to more deaths. Luckily for us others felt differently. In the war for independence, Civil War, World War II, people gave everything so future generations may thrive, not just survive. You act as if there was an alternative. There has never been a good war, NEVER. But there have been wars that had to be fought. People put aside there selfishness to do what had to be done. Peace and freedom are 24-hour a day jobs. The president says if we don’t go to war, we’re risking more attacks, problems down the line and possible annihilation. You say he’s wrong . It’s quite possible that not going to war will show America’s weakness and encourage those already waging war against us. I hope you’re prepared to die for your convictions. I’m prepared to die for mine.

Chris Rich

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