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Letter — War means less security

Tahoe Daily Tribune

While President Bush cites the uncertainties of weapons inspections, has he considered the negative consequences of war?

It’s very possible the war will make our country LESS secure. Our borders are not sealed, and by thinking “outside the box” terrorism in the U.S. could be devastating. Remember — the “weapons of mass destruction” used in the 9/11 attack were box cutter blades and our own planes, not nukes or biological weapons.

If Hussein does have weapons of mass destruction and if we attack he will have every incentive to use them, as CIA Director George Tenet warned Congress.

President Bush has threatened to retaliate to Iraqi chemical or biological weapons use with a nuclear strike on Iraq. Israel also has 200 nuclear weapons. A nuclear war would bring the deaths into the millions. It would also expotentially increase the hatred that will result from a war, and will recruit a new generation of anti-American terrorists. Breaking the post-Hiroshima taboo on nuclear attack, could also encourage other nuclear wars, such as one between India and Pakistan.

What would be the post-war future of Iraq and its neighbors? No one knows whether Iraq would descend into civil war and such chaos would make occupation a nightmare for U.S. forces, not to mention Iraqis.

Before taking the risks of war, we must let the inspections work. We cannot go it alone without risking being the target of years of terror on our soil.

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Dave Zander

South Lake Tahoe