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Letter: Warm Room better prepared this winter season

I am writing in regards to Sept. 21, 2016 article, “Warm Room still searching for this year’s new location.” Although I don’t doubt Lt. Brian Williams’s statistics, the picture he presented was very different from my experience as a volunteer who worked at the Warm Room at least once a week during last year’s winter season. I found the great majority of guests, who were mostly locals, to be very respectful, grateful, helpful and protective of the volunteers.

Yes, there were some “repeat offenders” who did not obey the rules but they were very much in the minority. Based on our first year’s experience with the Warm Room I believe that we are better prepared to deny admission to such disrespectful people. I do appreciate the continued police support of our efforts. I count among our successes guests who were connected with health and social services, who found jobs during the summer, who went into rehabilitation for drug issues and who helped one another in so many ways after the Warm Room closed. This might not have been possible if they had not felt that their lives mattered to our volunteers.

Bonnie Driscoll

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.