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Letter — We need stop signs at dangerous intersection


I was in the building department about a week ago, when two of the city’s finest entered and asked to talk to the planning department. As I was doing my business, the representative from the planning department (a nice smiling gentleman) approached the counter. The police started talking about the tragic accident that occurred at the newly constructed bike path crossing on 15th Street between Emerald Bay Road and Venice Drive. The officer’s asked the representative from the planning department if they were going to install some kind of stop sign or flashing light to prevent another needless accident. The representative just smiled and said that they were talking about it, but he had not heard of any decision on what was to be placed at that sight.

The same night as I ate dinner at the Fresh Ketch, I was in conversation with some people talking about the accident. Their comment was that the fellow who was driving the car was drunk and it would have happened even if some kind of warning sign was at that bike path; also, because the car was speeding. They wanted to blame the accident on the casinos, because of their all-night drinking policy.

Well, I see this a little different. I’m not here to place blame on any individual or institution. I’ve driven my car down 15th street, in that location, almost every day for the last 10 years. God knows that I’ve even speeded on that roadway and not thought twice about it. But I did notice that when that crosswalk for the bike path was installed, tourists would scamper across the road without a second thought to the cars driving through. At that moment, I thought, this is an accident waiting to happen and wondered to myself why the planing department didn’t see what I saw.

Now, I don’t know all the projects the planning department has and all the wonderful things the planning department has done for the city — but I do know the planning department made a mistake by not regulating the traffic that crosses that bike path in some manner. What is done is done. It’s a shame that an innocent little girl is dead and I’m sure that we’ve all said a prayer for her and her family. Hopefully, by the time this letter is published, the city and planning department will have acted in a responsible manner and placed some kind of instrument in that location to regulate traffic and auto speed. If not, please do it in a timely manner to avoid any other tragedy.

Jim Getz

South Lake Tahoe

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