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Letter: ‘We should be worried’

At the April 5 city council meeting, Mayor Wendy David declared that comments by the citizens during the non-agenda portion of the council meeting will no longer be televised. It has been suggested that this was done to “prevent staff and others from being slandered.” Except for Councilmember Conner’s request that this matter be placed on the agenda, the rest of the council was silent — no motion, no vote, no agenda item, just a bare statement by the mayor that the policy was changed.

I understand that the city is surveying other cities as to their policies. When I was on the council, I voted to support Councilmember Swanson’s motion to have this portion of the council meeting televised. Transparency should be the objective of government at all levels. I was surprised that the remaining council was silent when the mayor declared the change of policy; they should have been outraged. Who told the mayor to change the policy? Does the council need to take a survey before they know what to do?

I demand that Mayor Wendy David, in this paper, explain her actions. We have a council that can’t resolve their petty differences, fails to understand democratic principles and seeks to reduce transparency.

Are these “leaders” of our community competent to vote on the merits of major issues, such as the Loop Road? Or are their votes going to be based upon personal animosities, hidden agendas and surveys?

We should be worried.

Bruce Grego

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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