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Letter- We’re losing representation

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Jerome Waldie’s letter espousing the wonderful benefits of his and Supervisor Helen Baumann’s plan to further dilute the voice of South Lake Tahoe in county issues.

Tahoe’s worst fears are starting to come true. We have always feared that eventually the county would ignore us completely. If it were not for our past three supervisors, John Cefalu, John Upton and now Dave Solaro, we would have had little say at all. While it is true that Ray Nutting did a pretty good job as our second supervisor, the real heavy lifting for Tahoe interests has always been by the supervisor who lives here. The Pollock Pines plan would change that, to our community’s detriment. The plan would cause Tahoe to be treated differently by splitting our community more than it currently is. It would not do the same to other communities of interest such as Placerville and El Dorado Hills.

What Mr. Waldie didn’t say was that evidently Mrs. Baumann appointed him to specifically push her ideal district plan. The explanations they gave were clever, but transparent. It appears that her ideal district is for the places where she did poorly in the last election to find their way on to Dave Solaro’s side of the map, and wonder of wonders, the places that she got good votes would grow in her new district.

We need a plan that ensures that at least one of the supervisors who represents Tahoe will actually live here. If we don’t speak up, a full third of Solaro’s district will be out of the basin. Any way you turn Mr. Waldie’s and Supervisor Baumann’s plan that goal is in jeopardy. This community has a long memory regarding these types of ploys. I hope that those attempting to gerrymander our representation away from us realize that. I also hope Supervisor Solaro fights hard to protect our interests. Evidently Supervisor Baumann won’t.

The paper says that they will have a meeting on May 24 at the Senior Center, 1:30 p.m., to discuss the matter of our representation. Let’s show up.

Patricia Martin Medina

South Lake Tahoe

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