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Letter — What are CCC up to at camp?

Tahoe Daily Tribune

It’s timely to ask what this California Conservation Corps is up to, especially since we keep hearing negative news coming out of their Tahoe basin center (alleged sexual assault). It is also timely since the state’s budget is in chaos and we’ve seen the community college and school districts take huge hits to their staffs and budgets. But what’s also important is that this state bureaucracy would like to relocate into our city according to an article last year in the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

Are these guys being honest about their drug and alcohol issues? Or is this just another inefficient state bureaucracy staffed by lifer civil servants gone amok with our taxpayer’s money? What’s their impact if they do move into our town? We should at least ensure they’re responsible citizens before we allow this to happen.

J. Morales

South Lake Tahoe