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Letter: What does Bush really know?

Larry Pedigo

I don’t understand these so-called high approval ratings of President Bush.

He knew about the terrorist threats before 911 and did nothing to warn anybody, but he had time for someone to take a publicity photo to sell for $150 each.

He said that the California energy crisis was due to environmentalists not allowing any building of power plant; not from greedy energy companies like Enron.

He said he didn’t think that a “cap” on power rates was good for “energy deregulation” while Ken Lay and the boys at Enron where selling out all of their stock for sky high prices.

He doesn’t know what all of these Enron scams called “Get Shorty,” “Death Star,” “Fat Boy,” and “Ricochet” are all about; he thought they were Hollywood movies.

He doesn’t know how much money was stolen by Enron and other energy companies (estimates run from 9 billion to 30 billion) or how to refund any money back to the states of California, Oregon or Washington.

He claims executive privilege along with Dick Cheney about meetings with Ken Lay of Enron while Ken Lay and the boys are claiming the 5th amendment from self incrimination.

He doesn’t know where Bin Laden is at or whether his is dead or alive.

He doesn’t know where the Mullar Muhammad Omar is at.

He doesn’t know why gas prices are going up or down.

He doesn’t know why the stock market goes up one week and down another.

He doesn’t know how to stop the violence in Israel or Palestine.

He doesn?t know how to balance the federal budget yet he increases the welfare for farmers to over $190 billion dollars.

I mean, I am really starting to wonder what this guy does know. I guess this makes me part of the ?Axis of Evil?

Larry Pedigo

South Lake Tahoe

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