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Letter — What is unique to our area

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Phil Baker’s letter in the March 7 Tahoe Daily Tribune was unfairly critical of South Shore’s efforts to retain market share in the increasingly competitive industry of tourism. LTVA’s campaign appropriately focuses attention on what is unique to our area. Let’s ask ourselves — what is unique to our area? Is it “retail stores”? I think not. I can go to Ipswitch, South Dakota, and get retail stores. I agree that retail stores that close at 6 p.m. during the entire Christmas season are unique — but a tourist attraction? Our attraction is in fact Lake Tahoe. Can’t get Lake Tahoe in Ipswitch. Now I’ve been to Ipswitch, South Dakota, and I assure you that the lake near Ipswitch does not look like the sky — and no one swimming in it is in their right mind. Conversely, I cannot get my daughter out of Lake Tahoe in the summer. It’s been that way since she was little. Ludicrous? The suggestion that we should build more casinos is ludicrous. These days, you can’t get more than a few hundred miles away from a casino. The casinos contribute to neither South Lake Tahoe’s uniqueness nor marketability. Casinos are everywhere — not just Nevada. Perhaps you’d have us rename our community “South of Harveys.”

If for no other reason, redevelopment corrects prior environmental travesties and protects the future of our marketability. Perhaps your 8-year-old granddaughter could explain this to you.

Everyone agrees that the TRPA is a pain in the butt. However, if you live in and love the Tahoe basin, you cannot help but agree with their philosophical mission. In retrospect, maybe someone should have stopped the turning of a major wetland (nature’s water filter) into a high rent housing tract. Could have used the TRPA back then.

By the way, they do have gambling in South Dakota too. Not in Ipswitch though.

Jeremy Bauer

South Lake Tahoe