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Letter — What was the writer thinking

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This is in regards to Ray H. Coppers’ letter of March 10. He misstated a few things. The first is no where in the U.S. Constitution does it say separation of church and state is necessary. That was a statement by Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of the Constitution. But Mr. Cooper probably knew that. He seemed to know everything else. I guess you feel testing of kids before they pass to the next grade is wrong. Let’s do it like the 70s, which is why we have such a high welfare rate. But you knew that. Maybe we need William J. Clinton back. He wasn’t an embarrassment, let’s see there are two meanings to the word “is”, oral sex isn’t sex and live on TV. “I didn’t have sex with that women.” “Guess what he did.” But you knew that, so you think President Bush is the worst president we ever had. What planet were you on six years ago?

Dale Heizer

Rohnert Park