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Letter: What’s next? Air Tijuana?

Letter to the editor:

Well, folks, it’s spring again and that noise you hear coming from the Lake Tahoe Airport isn’t the sound of planes flying in. Let’s listen closely. Can you hear it? It really is more of a sucking sound. Yeah, it sounds just like dollar bills being flushed down a toilet. It turns out that somebody at the city added up al of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses for the airport and guess what? They need more money! Wow, what a revelation. Somebody in the city can actually add two plus two. Miracles never cease to amaze me. This time the airport only needs an additional drop in the bucket of about $28,000 to $56,000 dollars out of the general fund. But hey, when you’re already into this loser for $3 to $4 million, what’s another fifty grand?

But folks, there is more to the story. It is bad enough that we can’t fix our roads, maintain our bike trails, fix our tennis courts, expand our pool and clean up our parks, but now some folks at the city want to create the ultimate “black hole” of a money pit called “the transportation hub.” Let’s see, if the city has already lost $3 to $4 million on the airport, and the federal government has lost who knows how much, say another $5 million; then this transportation hub (or transportation hole) could really lose some serious money. I think a half-billion ought to do it. Does anybody say $1 billion? Heck, who’s counting? Let’s just make it an even $2 billion. I am sure that our conservative representative in D.C., John Doolittle (or is it Doonothing?) can convince other representatives around the country that we need an airport in South Lake Tahoe to bring in gamblers for the casinos and skiers for Heavenly. Sure thing, dude! I mean, they would just spend the money on trivial pursuits like Social Security, Medicare, bombs or welfare anyway. An airport for the rich and famous to fly into South Lake Tahoe is so much more “vogue.”

I am sorry, folks, but I am a product of the public school system and I just don’t get it. We keep pouring money into the airport and nothing comes back. What airline is going to fly into the airport next, Air Tijuana? Perhaps instead of a hub, the city would just set up a trash can and a bonfire for people to throw money into. Or maybe, just maybe, they could put this dog up for sale and move it out of our lives. Perhaps the Lake Tahoe Conservancy would buy it? Perhaps an RV park concessionaire would buy it? Perhaps Douglas County would buy it? Perhaps a developer would buy it and build some river front homes? Perhaps the Washoe Indians would buy it and build a casino? I say we sell it for a clean couple of million and cut our losses now while we still can. But hey, what do I know? I am just a local yokel.

Larry Pedigo

South Lake Tahoe

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