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Letter — Where has all that ‘Flower Plower’ gone?

Tahoe Daily Tribune

What ever happened to “Flower Power?” It seems to have mutated into infatuation for Saddam. When an earnest writer compared Saddam to Hitler, a recoil came from a liberal mind with the complaint that it is absurd to compare them. Well, fledgling democracies, those once behind the Iron Curtain don’t think so. “Bulgaria’s foreign minister, for one, looks at Saddam, sees Adolph Hitler.” What the U.S. has done on behalf of freedom does not escape Prime Minister Fatos Nano of Albania either, offering troops and air space. Albania, he says, does not forget!

“Flower Power” turned out to be a pretty deadly stuff, didn’t it! I wrote “my president,” and it struck a nerve in a liberal’s mind. Forgetting “Flower Power” he was, plain as can be, saying, “You love ’em — I hate ’em!”; and (conservatively) lies ensued from him about our country’s mission. Lies are an atrocity to the human spirit. John Adams said,”Man’s primary allegiance is to his vision of truth and he is under obligation to affirm it.” America began as a doxology (that’s praise!). It is now interpreted as a dichotomy of fear by liberal duplicity. And then, one says: “No” you may not love your president because I only understand hate! In a context of hate, the reach, like Saddam’s, is for power. In love and truth, the reach is for freedom.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe