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Letter: Who is an adult? (opinion)

In a few weeks we’ll go to the polls to elect our next governor and many other important local, state and federal positions. While we’re currently blasted with ads demonizing one opponent after another, I’m hoping our candidates will soon realize we need to focus on issues.

Climate change and health care are among those topics, but we should also include immigration and our nation’s vision as a light to the world. We need to know where each candidate stands.

Demonizing an opponent may seem justified, but it’s bullying. It’s a playground tactic used by those who’ve nothing left to stand on. It’s juvenile. We need to know our candidates are adults who understand complex issues and have the emotional stability to work well with others to reach compromises that move us forward.

Candidates appealing to our most base levels deepen the divide. They fuel anger, mistrust and hate. I’ve contacted those running for seats in my district and let them know I need to hear about issues, and not attacks on their opponents. We’ll see how that goes.

Valerie Truce,

Reno, Nevada