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Letter: Who is behind ‘True Blue’ group? (opinion)

Editor’s note: Since this letter was received True Blue Facts has posted the names of its officers online.

The scoundrels who have launched a vicious personal attack against IVGID Trustee Tim Callicrate are despicable cowards for concealing their actual identities. But there may be even more sinister motivations involved here.

The names of real people are not shown on the recent mailings from a post office box in Incline Village called “True Blue Facts.” Going to their website is similarly devoid of personal identification, and I was not about to enter my name into their database to get the “further information” which had originally been promised.

So who, exactly, are the human beings behind the rabid accusations? Who, precisely, is fronting the money to pay for these very expensive glossy mass mailings on 9X6 heavy paper, and why are they so patriotically wrapping themselves in the good ol’ Red White and Blue as a cloak of invisibility to their actual names and addresses? What have they got to hide?

May I respectfully call your readers’ attention to the fact that Red White and Blue are also the Russian national colors, and given the anonymity of those individuals who call themselves “True Blue Facts,” who’s to say that these mailings have not been financed in rubles? Every legitimate security agency in the United States has identified the Russians as behind precisely this kind of attempt to set Americans against Americans, neighbors against neighbors, to cause a disruption in our democracy at even the lowest level of governmental institutions.

And isn’t it curious that the latest True Blue mailing contains alleged screen shots of Facebook posts attributed to Tim Callicrate which he has said were hacked and definitely not his? It is now well-known that misusing Facebook and hacking into our elections by Vladimir Putin and those who embrace him is exactly the kind of thing the Russians do on an industrial scale these days.

Could it be, here in our own peaceful hamlet, that the unidentified people behind True Blue Facts are also the very creators of the fake screen shots they claim belong to Mr. Callicrate?

I think something far more important than a contested IVGID election is going on here, and if Russia or some other nefarious clique is involved in any way, it must be unmistakably rejected. I will be voting for Tim Callicrate and Sarah Schmitz for IVGID Trustee, and I hope all of my neighbors and friends concerned for our country do the same.

Steven Kroll

Crystal Bay, Nevada

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