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Letter — You are simply ignorant

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I don’t know if you are truly stupid or simply ignorant. I guess I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are simply ignorant.

I try to avoid the “Our View” column in the paper because its rants are usually simple-minded tripe. The Feb. 17 column goes way beyond that. The column jumps from one side of the issue to the other. On the one hand, you hope for the day when leaders will put an end to war. Next, you want people to be unafraid and stand up to dictators, not cower to them. You say America is no better than “them” and that we can not gain world peace with an artillery barrage. Next, you lament the fact that the U.N. did not force Saddam to adhere to its resolutions.

You jump from being Neville Chamberlain to Teddy Roosevelt. Who are you? Do you even know?

America is a very peace-loving country that allows freedom for almost everyone. Those who wish to kill us for our freedoms (speech, religion, etc.) and beliefs should not benefit from those same things. America did not choose the position it has been placed in. It was thrust down our throats. You want America to relinquish its role as “Big Brother” to the U.N. Do you seriously think that the U.N. can deal with Saddam or Kim Jong-il on its own? Do you think that Saddam’s trading partners (France, Germany and Russia) can deal with him? Do you think that China is going to shut down Kim Jong-il’s bomb making? Who got rid of Slobodan Milosivic? How much oil did we get for that good deed?

I am sick of people bashing America. No other country in the history of the world has done as much for mankind. I am sick of people rewriting history to make America look bad. I am only glad that people of your ilk were not running the country on Dec. 7, 1941 because I have heard that Japanese is a very hard language to master. Somehow I am sure you would have learned it.

John Heeran

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