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To the editor

Recreation meeting is a barrel of laughs

To the editor:

When Mr. O’Malley read the letters to the Tahoe Daily Tribune on the Recreation Commission meeting and my alleged behavior, he laughed. And he wasn’t alone. I too laughed. The letter writers should be given credit for creating a new form of literature – semi-fiction – which is the creation of a chorus that depends on hearsay before it can form an opinion. As a member of the chorus, Mr. O’Malley has elected to be one who doesn’t bother to search for a complete story. He seems to be content to be a mere echo. That’s a shame.

Bill Crawford, South Lake Tahoe

Litterbugs trash our local post offices

To the editor:

In the April 14 edition, you had published my letter to the editor about the trash at the Stateline Station post office. However, I mailed that letter a few weeks back, and a correction needs to be made. That correction has to do with its relocation location.

By the end of April, if all goes well, the Stateline Station post office on Park Avenue will not be a double-wide trailer on the vacant lot behind the 7-Eleven store on Pioneer Trail, but will be relocated to the building on Pioneer Trail that once housed El Dorado Savings Bank. There will be some modifications, of course, but that location is also a good relocation site.

Since I had mailed my original letter, I have talked to friends and neighbors of mine who get their mail at other post offices, from the one on Kingsbury Grade to the one on Emerald Bay Road near AT&T cable, and it seems there are other post offices here in the South Shore area that have trash problems. These post offices should be kept as clean as possible since they are not only used by local postal customers, but visitors from out of town who mail postcards, buy stamps, etc., as well. A clean post office leaves a good impression on everyone.

Debra C. Tussey, South Lake Tahoe

Government is not supporting Elin

To the editor:

Bill Clinton and the media don’t want you to know that Elin Gonzales already has the legal right to stay in the United States under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, signed by President Johnson, which provides that anyone fleeing communist Cuba, regardless of age, upon reaching our shores can apply for political asylum, is granted asylum after a year, and can remain here during the process.

Attorney General Janet Reno, proselytizing “following the law,” flagrantly violates this law, seizing the boy from loving Miami relatives to “reunite him with his father” in Cuba. Greg Craig, Clinton’s impeachment lawyer, represents the father! Elin, not too young to understand life under Cuban tyranny his mother died helping him escape, clearly says he wants to live in freedom. He cannot be returned to Cuba against his will. There is no law requiring return to his father, who he has not even lived with for three years, divorced by Elian’s mother before his birth.

Of thousands of grateful children whose parents arranged their escape, none were ever sent back to Cuba. The forced “reunion” is a guise to extradite Elin like a criminal to Fidel Castro’s island prison of Cuba, whose diplomatic minister decreed “Elin is a possession of the Cuban government.” Castro has ordered psychiatric detention until Elin’s American memories are deprogrammed. Cuban schooling requires unrelenting indoctrination, removal from parents at age 11, and half-days of forced child labor on plantations. Does America still stand for freedom? It is time to stand up for Elin’s.

Jerry Jacquemin, West Sacramento

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