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How can NAFTA erode our safety?

To the editor:

Your recent articles on the current MTBE situation were very informative. However, the article “Ban could cost U.S. millions” was frightening.

It said a Canadian company has filed a $970 million complaint against the United States for California’s phase-out of MTBE.

This was done under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

How can a foreign country dictate how the state of California, a county or a city uses or declines to use a product?

If NAFTA can allow us to lose our sovereignty in this manner, then it is time to end our participation in this unfair, un-American treaty.

Where do the presidential candidates stand on this important issue? Have our congress people and senators done anything to combat this loss of our rights?

I think it is time to let them know.

I now understand why there was such a strong protest against the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle recently.

This group also has the right to dictate what the policies of a country may be, if that country interferes with some foreign corporation’s ability to make profits.

Each country has the inherent right to make its own laws without interference from any corporation.

Tell our elected representatives that we must end our participation in NAFTA and WTO!

Milt Kagan, South Lake Tahoe It’s fiscally imprudent

to have extra election

To the editor:

I am troubled by reports that some officials are considering holding a special election for a recreation bond in South Lake Tahoe.

Administering such a special election would cost some $30,000 and is fiscally imprudent.

There is very little reason not to wait another 60 days and place the bond measure on the regular ballot in November and put the $30,000 to better use elsewhere.

This is one of those rare times when it is hopefully possible for government to avoid making a costly mistake before it is made.

Besides, the turnout would be better with the regular election in November. Who can argue with that?

It was comforting to see the results of last week’s Tahoe Daily Tribune poll (special election) and find that others feel as I do.

Thanks for listening.

Eli Chandler, South Lake Tahoe

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