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Community member supports Measure S

To the editor:

As an executive responsible for recruiting and hiring new staff at Barton Memorial Hospital and as a community member, I am writing in support of Measure S. The bike trails, additional fields, ice rink, and use of Tahoe Paradise Park that are proposed are of utmost importance to people looking at moving their families to our area. I look at these community improvements as being excellent recruiting tools to entice high-caliber employees and their families to our area.

The measure also benefits those of us who have already made Tahoe our home. As a former soccer coach for eight years who had to use the lawn at Barton for practices due to the unavailability of fields, I would love to see this measure pass. The cost of $1.50/month for the homeowners is an extremely inexpensive way to improve the facilities and to add value to our community. Please vote yes on Sept. 19.

Kathy Cocking, RN, MSN

South Lake Tahoe

Decision day for Tahoe’s recreation

To the editor:

Our community has a very important decision to make on Sept. 19. On that day we will decide the future of recreation in South Lake Tahoe.

No general recreation facilities have been built here in more than 20 years. Locals and guests have frequently commented to me about the lack of things to do in Tahoe and the overwhelming demand for the few facilities available. It is time for us to change all that and provide for, in a sensible and cost-effective way, new facilities. Measure S does that. The benefits of Measure S will almost immediately be felt by all in our community and will continue to multiply in subsequent years.

Measure S has been endorsed by the chamber of commerce, Lodging Association, League to Save Lake Tahoe, Board of Realtors, Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Athletic Coordinating Council, and many other community groups and organizations.

Please help us make critically-needed new recreation facilities available in this community. Vote yes on S.

Ed McCarthy

South Lake Tahoe

Measure S: A sound financial decision

To the editor:

We have always advised our clients to make financial decisions by the numbers. These decisions should always be based on an evaluation of the cost/benefit of any proposal. Such is the case with Measure S, the recreation bond issue. For those who live in the city, it’s a great deal. The $6.5 million bond issue will free up an additional $12.5 million of matching funds for 25 miles of bike trails, four sports fields, free and open access to Tahoe Paradise Park, and a new ice rink. For those of us who live in the county, and have enjoyed Tahoe Paradise Park over the years at a cost of $30 per year, the decision is simple. The $18 per year tax imposed by Measure S represents a net reduction of $12 per year per improve parcel for recreational facilities far in excess of those offered by Tahoe Paradise Park alone. Even with such obvious advantages to both city residents and country residents, Measure S is not a sure thing. A two-thirds majority is required for passage. Please join with us in raising the quality of life for everyone in our community. Vote yes on Measure S on Sept. 19.

Robert J. Attinger

South Lake Tahoe

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