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Student questions motives for lawsuit

As a student of George Whittell High School, I was appalled to read the article titled, “Whittell teacher sued for misconduct” in Aug. 10 edition of the Tahoe Daily Tribune. It angers me that Mrs. O’Connor would have the audacity to forge ahead with her lawsuit against Mr. Haas and Douglas County School District. If her case goes to court, it is a lose-lose situation. If Mr. Haas is not found guilty, his reputation as an educator and a member of society will still be tarnished. To me, it is unclear what Mrs. O’Connor hopes to achieve through this lawsuit. The only people who will truly win are the attorneys.

It is utterly ridiculous to blame Mrs. O’Connor’s reduction of hours on the District’s alleged desire to retaliate against her. Because of her former position at the high school as an assistant to the special education teacher, her hours were based on the number of students enrolled in the special education program. This applies to any assistant of the type, not just her. Due to there being very few students enrolled in the program during the 1999-2000 year, there was no need for there to be a full-time aide. It is ludicrous to read this much into something that is purely coincidence.

I will be starting my senior year this fall. In the three years that I have attended Whittell, I have been a student of Mr. Haas and have worked closely with Mrs. O’Connor. In this time, I have never witnessed any of these accusations. Before continuing with this lawsuit, Mrs. O’Connor should re-evaluate her motives and consider the people she may be unnecessarily hurting.

Karen Griffin


Bush’s future vision is stuck in the past

To the editor:

After observing the Republican Convention and the activities since, it has become abundantly clear that the vision for America held by Gov. Bush is sorely lacking. It is obvious that the Republican Party wants to turn back the clock to a decade ago.

The choice of Dick Cheney as the Republican vice-presidential nominee conjures up reminders of his role as chief of staff in the Ford Administration. This administration, which produced little of memorable consequence, will forever be stigmatized by the pardon of Richard Nixon after his resignation in disgrace for his role in the Watergate scandal.

Although the Republicans would like you to only remember Cheney’s role in the Persian Gulf War, they conveniently fail to remind us of his service in the administration of President Bush. The same administration that spent excessively on the military while continuing deficit spending leading to recession, $300 billion annual deficits, and unemployment hovering at 10 percent.

Now Gov. Bush wants to rekindle this flawed policy of steep tax cuts favoring the rich and increased military spending that gave us such huge deficits and took eight years to erase.

It was frustrating to watch the Republicans parade out their few officials of color under the guise of inclusion and diversity, while the cameras panned the delegations comprised overwhelmingly of older white men. Even the Hon. Gen. Colin Powell chastised the convention on the opposition the Republican Party has shown to outreach efforts to minorities and women.

Bush-Cheney contend that they are “compassionate” conservatives. I find it difficult to comprehend how a “compassionate” George Bush would allow a person classified as “mentally retarded” to be executed in Texas. He would not even grant a final 30-day reprieve for further examination of the mental status of this man. Linda Edwards, a spokeswoman for Gov. Bush, stated that Gov. Bush has opposed laws that would prohibit the execution of the mentally retarded, a position that he still holds.

How compassionate is Gov. Bush, when he supports the effort of congressional Republicans in their blocking of legislation that would provide prescription drug benefits to our seniors?

How compassionate is Gov. Bush when he selects as his vice-presidential running mate a man like Dick Cheney, who as a member of the House of Representatives voted against HeadStart, and voted against funding children’s immunizations?

Over the next three months a clear distinction will be made between the Republicans’ attempts to return America to the failed strategies of the past and the vision of the Democratic Party led by Vice President Al Gore to take America into the future.

Patrick J. Frega

South Lake Tahoe

Recreation facilities need new solutions

To the editor:

My recent letter to the editor and the subsequent response most recently by Ms. Seymore, makes it apparent that I must clarify my position on Measure S. My suggestions that there were possibly other ways to fund this project were based upon accurate financial information gained from other communities in California. These other areas were about the same size as our community, but obviously not totally identical. My objection to this Measure S is certainly not in the addition of the planned facilities, but it is with the method chosen to assess various entities in our town. I also did make well over 100 phone calls, on my own time, and these were used to help me and my decision. All calls were made randomly.

Finally, I am willing, as always, to listen to the electorate. I can live with this measure, if it is voted into our lives; I am simply trying to present other alternatives. I am also convinced that if this measure is voted down, we can and will develop a plan to get these much-needed facilities without spending much more time. We don’t have the luxury of excess time, but we must make the best decision for our community.

Jerry Oldenkamp

South Lake Tahoe

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