Letters: Bravo law enforcement; New shuttle should run later; Goodbye Vin Scully (Opinion)

Homeowners should have recycling containers

To the Editor:

My wife and I moved to South Lake Tahoe five years ago. After living in several communities in California we are puzzled as to why South Lake Tahoe does not have recycling containers for pick up on garbage day. We think that of all places South Lake Tahoe would make these containers available to each homeowner. 

Respectfully, Ray and Kathe Flick, South Lake Tahoe

Bravo law enforcement for taking down drug trafficking ring

To the Editor:

Often, law enforcement is portrayed poorly in the public eye, but I wanted to take a moment and thank our local law enforcement for all they do for our community.

I believe we have a wonderful local presence and public appearance here in South Lake from all the local agencies and groups. SLTPD, EDCSO and CHP work hard everyday to protect our community, citizens and strive to make this town better than it was the day before. In the last three months, I have inadvertently been touched by the local law enforcement and have been quite impressed with their poise, kindness, and preemptive action in the community.

I would like to thank the SLTPD, SWAT, FBI and all the other responding agencies for their work in taking down the drug trafficking ring in my neighborhood. It is an amazing feeling to know our neighborhood can safely walk and bike with our kids again without the fear of our children passing by the house we all worried about. Our community is grateful for the work you did and safe plan of action you did while you executed your search.

Thank you to all the men and women for what you did to clean up the streets and make our community better and safe again for all those who live here. Thank you for your service and what you do every day.

Linda Grains, South Lake Tahoe

New shuttle should run until midnight for event-goers

To the Editor:

I am so glad to hear about the new shuttle to help with traffic congestion in the Stateline area. It would help a lot more if on event nights the shuttle ran until at least midnight so the event goers could utilize the shuttle also.

Debra Drum, South Lake Tahoe

Goodbye Vin Scully, rest in peace my good friend

To the Editor:

We’ve been friends for over 60 years, yet we have never met.

You were my friend who introduced and explained the game and joys of baseball. Yes, I played, my children played and now, my grandkids. It is truly a great gift to be able to pass down the joy of baseball to the next generation. You helped, thank you.

On hot summer nights back in the 60’s, you would talk baseball and share stories about the history of our national pastime between pitches of the Dodger game as I would drift off to sleep. I have many wonderful memories of you calling a great play and the words you used allowed me to “see it” even though I was only listening to the game on my small transistor radio. Thank you for sharing your gift of words.

You were always inviting as you would start each broadcast with “It’s time for Dodger Baseball! Hi everyone and a very pleasant good evening to you where ever you might be. Please, pull up a chair a spend part of your evening with me.” I would, and loved every time I did. Thank you for the invitation.

It was heart breaking to hear of your passing this week. I cherish even more the time we were able to spend together. No one will ever forget your 1988, World Series Game 1 call of Kirk Gibson’s game winning home run — “In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has just happened!”

Thank you one last time, Vin Scully, for the happiness and joy you have given me and my family.

Your friends, Rob and Stephanie Evans, Zephyr Cove

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