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Letters: Criticism is the wrong motivator; Searching out guilty in bar brawl

I, like many people in this country, would like to get in shape and lose weight. Feeling this urge, I began to exercise at a local gym facility. I expected some customers to poke fun at my appearance, but never did I expect the staff to join the foray. I find it hard enough to motivate myself to achieve these goals, but how can a person be expected to overcome weight issues when the very people who claim to be there to help are the ones who make you feel ashamed and unwelcome! The owner/manager of this centrally-located facility claimed to be concerned and informed me the employee involved had other previous complaints and will be reprimanded as policy dictates. Apparently, the policy means a promotion. This facility apparently likes to promote individuals who are callous and insensitive to their clientele.

Michelle Apodaca

South Lake Tahoe

Searching out the guilty in bar brawl

To the editor:

Regarding the horrific crime scene at My Cousins Joint, Hispanic brothers Richardo and Javier Herndenez have been arrested for attempted murder for their participation in this most violent crime, yet no one to this date has been arrested for the near-fatal beating of Juan Sandval.

The white witnesses gave detailed information indicating the guilt of Ricardo and Javier, and rightfully so; did they not witness who nearly beat to death Juan Sandval? Who are they protecting with their silence?

Tom Miller

South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe clarity: A story problem

To the editor:

If Lake Tahoe contains about 33 million acre-feet (about 10.7 trillion gallons of water), 107 million gallons of MTBE or 635 million gallons of gasoline (if only 20 percent MTBE) were needed to contaminate the lake with 10 parts per million (.000010) of MTBE, unless some flushed down the Truckee River or evaporated.

(Fact: 1 acre-foot equals 325,851.42 gallons.)

Therefore, if all motorboats carried 2 gallons each, how many motorboat-loads of raw, unburned gasoline were needed to contaminate Lake Tahoe with 10 parts per million of MTBE, if none flushed downstream to Truckee, Reno or Pyramid Lake, and none was burned to power the boats?

a. Less than 31,750 loads.

b. Less than 317,500 loads.

c. More than 31,750,000 loads.

And, where was it measured?

a. In high-tech laboratories with cheat-proof cross examinations.

b. Near the boat ramps or marinas.

c. Near the center, 500 feet deep.

d. In the White House basement.

e. Unknown.

James H. Armistead

South Lake Tahoe

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