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Letters: Douglas should give less for micro transit; Speeders need to be stopped (Opinion)

Douglas Commission should consider lower contribution for micro transit

To the Editor:

All Douglas County Voters need to know that TRPA approved the Event Center in Stateline on the condition that a micro transportation system be implemented. The road would be seven miles, two miles in Nevada and five miles in California.

The backers/builders have requested Douglas County Commission to contribute $500,000 to $600,000 and California stakeholders to contribute $300,000 for the implementation.

This is an inequitable contribution request and Douglas County Commission should only consider a 28% contribution.

Norman J. Hauge, Lake Tahoe

Something needs to be done about speeders on Lakeview Avenue

To the Editor:

I have lived on Lakeview Avenue for many years along with many other full time residents. Lakeview Avenue is a 1 mile road that has only one stop sign at Lakeview and Sacramento St. Our concern is that Lakeview Ave is a main road that many people use to access Regan Beach. This includes many families within the Al Tahoe neighborhood … Adults, children, dogs, people on scooters and bikes and even tourists.

Our issue is that there is a large group of young people who race up and down this street at all hours and all days of the week. Usually they are 4-cylinder cars that are altered by the owners by modifying the exhaust that accentuates a loud popping noise during acceleration and deceleration.

This problem has been getting worse as everyday they have been congregating at Regan Beach, which is not against the law. What is, is the fact they speed up to 50 miles an hour as the exit off U.S. Highway 50 and pass right in front of Commons Beach which is used by hundreds of people who cross the street without a crosswalk, and head to Regan Beach, or exit the beach and accelerate out of the stop sign at Sacramento St.

The residents on Lakeview have contacted the police several times in an attempt to have an officer do drive throughs or post on Lakeview to discourage speeding. There was even an electronic speed monitor put up, but it only stayed for a week and was gone.

We know our PD does a great job even though they are severely underfunded and understaffed. We had an officer tell us that there are only three patrol units on any given shift for the entire city.

Regardless, something must be done soon about the danger of these speeding cars before someone — a child, dog, group of tourists, are hit and injured or killed.

Maybe increased patrols, maybe speed dips can be installed — not speed bumps because of the snowplow. We are asking the leaders of our city, City Council and police, to take action to control these speeding and dangerous vehicles.

Steve Abrams, South Lake Tahoe

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