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Letters for March 21

This is insane. How long do the residents of South Lake Tahoe have to put up with mismanagement and apparent disregard for the residents of this community? The stalled convention center project? Who are we kidding? Do you mean the boarded-up eyesore that greets new arrivals to California? It has become a symbol of all that is wrong with this state, and more specifically, this town. Bail out the developer with Mello-Roos bonds to pay off old debt? Where is the guarantee the project will be finished in a timely manner? Now, we are supposed to trust this guy and his company to follow through on this vision ” a vision that will benefit the few at the expense of the many?

I know these are a lot of questions, but really, enough is enough. Finish the thing. I don’t care who does it. I wouldn’t touch one of these bonds with a fend-off pole loaded with mussels. This is a continuing embarrassment to a city whose residents are harassed by TRPA; a city or agency controlled sideshow that demands that residents contain their own runoff water, but can’t find the wherewithal to install safe pedestrian/bike lanes, can’t install curbs and gutters, can’t build drainage ponds. We are, however, good at speed traps.

Give us all a break and focus on the infrastructure and the eyesores that habitually pop up along Highway 50 like shooting targets on the midway of a run-down county fair.

This is one of the most beautiful locations in the world, with some of the most creative people I have ever met. Make us proud to live among the civilized.

Terry Easley

South Lake Tahoe

I read the council members’ comments attempting to justify their voting to cancel previously approved funds for the LTVA (Tribune Opinion page, Feb. 28). There was not much new. Crawford has a reputation on anti-LTVA positions. Lovell has always been opposed to city funding for the chamber and LTVA. Birdwell, as the owner of a tourist property, recognized the need for promotion.

The surprise was Cole and Grego. Grego because all of his campaign money came from time share properties. Cole, because with all his experience, would announce that he came to the meeting with his mind made up. Any legislator knows that while you may have an opinion, you are supposed to be open to public input and be willing to be persuaded.

The real issue is that funding for the LTVA was not on the agenda. The Brown Act clearly states for a legislative body to discuss a matter, let alone vote on it, there has to be public notice. The purpose is to prevent the very thing that happened; the council brings up a matter when no one is present to argue.

The point is to be able to argue, to discuss and wash it out in public, with a council that has an open mind. I know there are many that would support funding, and they were not given an opportunity to be heard. What was on the agenda was the contract, not the money. The money was already authorized by resolution signed by the mayor; it was a done deal.

There are specific rules for reconsidering a prior vote; the council went through this issue last year. For a matter to be reconsidered, it must be done by someone who voted for it and no later than the next meeting. The council violated the Brown Act as well as its own policy.

Mr. Cole is an experienced council member, and the city attorney should have stopped him. The rescission was good news to some, however the integrity of the process is far more important. The proper time to reconsider LTVA funding is in the next budget cycle. Put it on the agenda and give us all a chance to express ourselves, then majority rules.

Ted Long

South Lake Tahoe

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