Letters: Measure K a big no; Curling club thankful for ACC; election endorsements (Opinion)

Measure K is big no vote for me

To the Editor:

I began with my highlighter in hand to seek out the logical action plan expected in the wordy text and exhibit of the school district’s Measure K. The pages of text, I discovered, were largely about the justification, explanation, and authorization to bypass to Prop 39 issues. 

So, got that.

On to the exhibit. The project list looked a lot like the ordinary, everyday, kitchen table created project list we all have, except we actually do prioritize and don’t need an OSHA inspection. Following the list in sentence two of the extensive paragraph, I caught the word “assumed,” and read on with heightened interest. After much project naming without discussing cost approval of projections for each grand project, comes mention of such projects as building and relocating fire access roads. Really?

Using census bureau numbers, the $107 million is for a district of 3,276 kids. Of course, the numbers might change, such as when you add the debt service, which could nearly double the “107.” Then too, the current extravagant rate of inflation could pop the plan balloon.

Perhaps wisdom suggests a prioritized plan with estimated costs, each in a reasonable time frame, to: 1. Fix leaky roofs, 2. Repair plumbing and sewer systems, 3. Make and arrange reasonable security improvements, 4. Repair or replace air systems. As completion of these projects nears, reevaluate the next most important projects.

LTUSD Board, do these with current maintenance funds, which should have been in play for years now. We’ll all be anxious to see how you do. We’ll check your homework and when you pass the test we’ll move you on to a more advanced program.

In the meantime, Measure K gets an F. Vote no on K.

Elizabeth Buchmiller, South Lake Tahoe

LTEC thanks American Century Investments

Lake Tahoe Epic Curling would like to offer a huge “thank you” to American Century Investments for selecting us for a $1,000 grant for our youth curling program. The grant, which comes from proceeds from the Celebrity Golf Tournament, will help us to launch our youth curling program for kids ages 12 and up in the community. We are thrilled to have this support, and it is the second time that ACI has donated to our club, as they previously supported us with a grant for youth curling equipment. LTEC would also like to thank the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority for their role in supporting all of the grants. For information on the youth curling initiative, contact me at 860-830-2726.

Larry Sidney, Stateline

Please vote, Jones, Robertson are good choices

To the Editor:

Voting in 2022 — If you haven’t voted yet, please do so soon. It’s so easy and so important. Our democracy depends on your vote and mine.

Dr. Kermit Jones, running for Congress, and Tim Robertson, running for the State

Senate are among those who understand that our democracy is under attack from the election deniers. We need them to make sure that our votes count, this time

and in the future.

Jerome Evans, South Lake Tahoe

I want to put the ‘public’ back in public utility district

To the Editor:

The ballots have been mailed to all the registered voters. Many of the voters in Tahoe have Post Office boxes. I am going to be at the local Post Offices in Meyers and in the city as well as places such as grocery stores at varying times each day until election day on Nov. 8, to meet you the voters/owners of the utility district and answer your questions. 

It’s your utility district and your money. I’ve been on the board in the past. My business background and track record of contacts in Washington DC and in Sacramento has helped repair aging pipes and tanks and add fire hydrants for fire safety by bringing in millions in federal funds that kept the rates the lowest in the Tahoe Basin.

I look forward to meeting you, listening to you and answering your questions.”

I want to put the “public” back in public utility district.

Duane Wallace is a candidate for South Tahoe Public Utility District Board of directors

Laine brings diverse groups to the table

To the Editor:

As an observer in this election year, when El Dorado County issues are so important, I am noticing how important collaboration and consensus efforts will be in the long run. We need a District V Supervisor who can bring people together to develop solutions. As such, Brooke Laine has garnered endorsements from two very diverse groups in the vacation rental arena-the residents who are opposed to VHR’s in their neighborhoods and the realtors who support them. If we are to make any progress on the VHR issue, Brooke Laine has the ability to collaborate, and we should elect her to District V Supervisor.

Tim Coolbaugh, South Lake Tahoe

Many reasons to vote for Laine

To the Editor:

There are many reasons to vote for Brooke Laine for El Dorado County Supervisor. Brooke is honest, experienced, a team player, and understands our county’s background and needs. She is dedicated with her desire to serve. Having known Brooke for most of her years growing up, (I was her Girl Scout leader and neighbor), She could always be counted on and was personable beyond her years. She was raised by a local family of community ” givers” and she is ready to serve and “give” to our county. This is the representation we need. 

Carolyn Meiers, South Lake Tahoe

Vote for increase in transient occupancy tax, Measure S

To the Editor:

We have a chance to vote to improve our roads and pass the cost onto our visitors. I encourage everyone to vote and vote for the increase in the transient occupancy tax. We need to put millions into our roads before they become impassable. Please get out and vote.

Russell Crawford, South Lake Tahoe

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