Letters: Please put our students 1st; LTUSD please don’t waste food (Opinion)

LTUSD, please put our students 1st

Dear Editor:

I hope the LTUSD board will continue to put our children first over teacher and union concerns about reopening the schools for full time in-person instruction, in addition to providing a summer remediation program for those students who are not currently proficient to move into a higher grade.

Recognition of the academic as well as the social-emotional harm done to students in the past year, particularly to those children in families who lack hardware or infrastructure to complete or attend online classes and/or those children whose parents are not available to closely monitor their children while attending virtual classes, must be taken into serious consideration.

Further, I hope the board supports any grade level basic skills assessment program to determine how far our students have fallen behind in math and reading.

I would also suggest, as El Dorado County moves to full reopening on June 15, and if the board, upholds its own mission statement that development of “competence in basic skill areas” is truly its objective, that summer school be opened with courses offered as an initial intensive remediation push for those students who have dropped through the cracks of the past year’s virtual schooling.

I would hope that a summer school program would be staffed with both counselors and teachers in person to help students who are most in need to move into grade level classrooms by the fall.

This type of concerted effort to help our kids reach competence and prepare them for a fully open year, would reassure this community that the LTUSD board truly puts our kids first.

Antonia Hall, South Lake Tahoe


LTUSD board members, please don’t waste food

Editor’s note: This letter submission was written by a first-grade student for Earth Week. It is being printed as it was submitted.

Dear Editor:

Dear school board members, pleas dont waste food from the cafatirea. Insted the food can be conpost for gardens. I am vegitarean so I hav a small carbon footprint.

Pleas dont eat animals. Animals dont cep us alive but they are fun to play with.

We need to ceep earth helthe.

Isabella Boulet, first grader in the LTUSD

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