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Letters to te editor

I encourage all voters to watch the forum put on by the League of Women Voters and the Tahoe Daily Tribune for candidates seeking the county supervisor position in the upcoming election. This forum is being shown on our local television channel.

Lou Pierini demonstrates some original and logical thinking when he advocates more county jobs. Throughout the discussions Mr. Pierini seems very knowledgeable and practical. I appreciated his candor and passion for the issues presented, not only did he tell us what he thought could be done, he also shared his own feelings about these issues.

I agree with Mr. Pierini’s anti-BID position. Whether the BID is legal or not, it is obviously not fair to those being taxed in order to support it. I refuse to vote for anyone that would force something like this upon his or her constituents because “it’s legal.”

Dennis Crabb appears to be the other candidate in what is shaping to be a two-horse race. When Mr. Crabb repeatedly offered up “I’m the most qualified…” I could only think, just because someone has done the same thing for years and years doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at it. Mr. Crabb points out the accomplishments of several groups that he has been a member of, but doesn’t mention the failed promises of Measure S or redevelopment, the costly mistakes made at the airport or expenses incurred when the lease of city council chambers was allowed to expire. A few wins and a few losses is an average record, not a great one.

Mr. Crabb was continually evasive. When the forum was over, I realized that I still didn’t know how he felt about new piers on Lake Tahoe, transportation between Meyers and South Lake Tahoe, or the use of the airport for a city hall. The only time Mr. Crabb showed any passion was when he defended the BID.

I encourage you to take a good look at Lou Pierini before you vote.

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Richard McCann

South Lake Tahoe

Small business owners unite

As a local small business owner for 25 years I have not been a proponent of the BID. As a 35-year resident of South Lake Tahoe I endorse Dennis Crabb for county supervisor as the most dedicated and informed candidate running.

The BID is a city issue and has nothing to do with the county supervisor’s position nor should it have anything to do with this campaign. Focusing on it only distracts from the real issues.

There are many critical issues at stake for Tahoe basin residents that supervisors will have to deal with and Dennis Crabb is the only candidate I feel is capable of representing us effectively on the county level. I’m voting for Dennis Crabb. I hope you will too.

Bobbi Cole

South Lake Tahoe

Santiago, Swanson looking out for us

The issues and opportunities that envelop the upcoming election are paramount to our community and public education, as we know it. For these reasons I have chosen to support Norma Santiago for Supervisor 5th District and Angela Swanson for School Board as well as urge voter to vote NO on Propositions 74, 75, and 76.

Norma Santiago has a greater vision for our community and the experience to carry it out. Norma is a women’s health care advocate, leader in Tahoe Sierra Soroptimist International, and member of LTUSD funding subcommittee. Norma is truly the voice of the working people of South Lake Tahoe. She supports a diverse local economy where the working class can make a decent living and raise a family. She is in touch with the issues that families face trying to survive in our community. She believes in a sustainable environment and fair laws that support it. Norma considers education to be the key to progress and will work hard to uphold this value. She is far reaching and embraces diversity in our community unlike many politicians that seem to continually ignore it.

Angela Swanson has shown her commitment to the students of Lake Tahoe Unified School District again and again. Her experience as an Educational Planning Consultant and parent volunteer allow her to understand the needs of our district as we face declining enrollment. Angela has actively participated in the school district as PTA President, on school site council, and member of the school district’s oversight committee. Her knowledge and understanding of difficult school issues are instrumental in continuing to steer our district in a new direction.

In closing I want to remind voters that Propositions 74, 75 and 76 are just another guise to blame educators for difficult issues facing public education in California. They are drafted to silence teachers on school issues and take away guaranteed school funding by more than $4 billion annually. Please vote No on 74, 75, and 76 on Nov. 8.

Jodi Dayberry

Teacher/ STEA Secretary

Seeking your vote for supervisor

My name is Lou Pierini. I am running for county supervisor for the Tahoe district. I want to thank everyone who has supported my candidacy. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I received from every one of you.

I want to thank the people of this district. During my campaign travels I have come to meet many, many of the residents of the district. You have shown me that the people of this community are not apathetic about what is happening in our town. You are very concerned citizens who care very much about the conditions of our businesses, our schools, our families and our less fortunate citizens.

I truly hope to be elected as your next supervisor. If I am elected I will do everything I can to address the concerns you have and do something about them. I am not in a position to promise any specific thing will be done. I am in a position to promise that you will get my very best effort in fighting to get the help the district needs. I live here. I have a family here. I have a business here. I love this district.

Please vote Lou Pierini on Nov. 8.

Lou Pierini

Supervisor candidate

No need to waffle with supes choice

Thank you Tribune for endorsing the best candidate – Dennis Crabb – for 5th district supervisor, but why waffle?

Dennis is the best candidate; and not by a narrow edge, but by a mile.

Dennis has the broadest and clearest understanding of the issues confronting our area – he sees the big picture. You could even say he has been in training for this job for the past 26 years – experience does count. And most important, Dennis is a problem solver and a consensus builder – he gets things done. I for one am tired of the Eeyores of our community who lead us down the road of negativity.

Let’s select the candidate with a vision – let’s elect Dennis Crabb!

Greta Hambsch


Candidate will work for fair share

I am shocked to read the deliberate falsehoods printed as letters regarding Lou Pierini’s tenure on the STPUD Board of Directors. Lou was strong and wise enough to refuse rubber-stamp approvals on some staff recommendation that were presented to the board. He continually encouraged and challenged the staff to seek better and innovative solutions in order to save the district money. Is this what micromanaging means to Jim Jones? Staff and employee morale increased during Bob Baer’s reign as general manager. Duane Wallace and MaryLou Mossbacker were on the board during Lou’s time – were they also a part of the board “drunk with power and careening out of control?” Remember, there are only five seats on this board – Lou had ONE vote. If special interest groups aren’t allowed to run free, they call foul to those trying to make the right changes for the average citizen. This community needs someone who is not afraid to stand up for what is right for us. Lou has proven he has what it takes; he has no special interests, no ties to any special interest groups. He is honest, forthright and will give more than 100 percent to this position. His only reason for running for supervisor is to ensure our community gets its share. Please do your part and do what’s right for our community – vote Lou Pierini for supervisor.

Paula Jiru

South Lake Tahoe

Bringing a wealth of knowledge

In selecting a county supervisor, a good question we voters need to ask ourselves is who among the candidates has best prepared for the job. After attending the Soroptimist Candidate forum I came away with no doubt about who would serve us best.

Dennis Crabb really knows what he is doing and better yet, what needs to be done at the county level to represent our Tahoe interests. His answers were clear concise and full of information. As a city and county counsel and advisor to boards for so many years, Dennis has obviously gained a wealth of knowledge about the process, but more important about what works and what doesn’t. He would hit the ground running while the others would have a very steep learning curve. Dennis has a successful past history of getting things done, which bodes well for a successful future.

I appreciate the Soroptimist International of South Lake Tahoe for hosting the forum. It really helped me confirm that Dennis Crabb is the best person in the race for county supervisor.

Britta Nauta

South Lake Tahoe

Results arranged ahead of time?

What a convenient coincidence that Republican Dennis Crabb was waiting in the wings when Dave Solaro announced his mid-term resignation as El Dorado County Supervisor.

How quickly the local establishment embraced and promoted Mr. Crabb’s candidacy. The cynics among us might think that this was all arranged ahead of time. Why give the people a choice when the good ol’ boys already know what’s best for us? Or for them anyway.

Do they really think we are that stupid and naive?

Josh Benin

South Lake Tahoe

A candidate opines on Measure R

Attention city residents, here are the top three reasons to vote NO on R:

1. It creates a tax that will increase automatically every year for eternity. Taxation may be eternal, but tax increases should be voted on by the people, not turned over to a computer program. Measure R would increase up to 3 percent annually automatically without voter approval or council direction.

2. Time shares are exempt. In your sample ballot there is impartial analysis for Measure R by the city attorney; the last line of the first paragraph shows time shares are exempt. I asked Mayor Lovell why time shares are exempt and she stated the desire to get this measure passed necessitated writing in the time-share exemption. Temporary residents should not possess more local political power than the everyday resident. A NO vote on R would show this council that it is full-time residents that wields the power of decision in government.

3. A NO vote doesn’t affect this year’s service. Measure R doesn’t begin until the July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007 property tax cycle, so this winter’s service would be unaffected by a NO vote. There is a primary election in June so there is time for the City Council to bring forth an adequate flat fee snow removal tax.

As residents we cannot surrender our right to decide who, when and how much we tax. Our democracy was established so the power of a resident’s vote is the deciding factor in choosing our representatives, our level of taxation and the laws that keep the peace and prosperity of the human race alive. Measure R takes this power away from the residents and turns it over to a computer. Don’t let the City Council corrupt a resident’s willingness to fund snow removal with deceitful legislation. As residents, we willing accept taxation specific to our snow removal needs, but not at the expense of our right to choose our tax increases. City residents vote NO on Measure R and make our City Council draft legislation without automatic increases and timeshare exemptions.

Stephen Reinhard

Supervisor candidate