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Letters to the Editor

We don’t need fluoride in drinking water

Mr. Barnett stated in a letter to the editor that “we need fluoride in our drinking water.” As a 20-year dental professional in this community, I feel strongly about refuting his claims to the advantages. While I agree that there are many advantages to early intervention with fluoride to reduce tooth decay, I do not feel it should be added to our drinking water. No person should have it forced upon them; it should be an individual choice. Fluoride is only beneficial to adult teeth during their developmental stages between the ages of 6 months to 12 years of age. There are prescriptions available in a multivitamin formula for children. They are dosed specifically for their age and can be obtained by your dentist or pediatrician. These dosages cannot be controlled when it is added to our public drinking water. We often see children who grew up in cities with fluoridated water that have had an overdose. It causes the teeth to have a chalky appearance with hyper-calcified white patches on them. This can be a real problem to an adolescent child who is embarrassed by that appearance when it is evident on the front teeth as they mature. Many foods contain fluoride as well, adding to the amount an individual might already be ingesting from our water source, subsequently causing an excess. In addition, fluoridated water has no benefit to already formed adult teeth, and we should not be ingesting it without cause! Care must be taken to keep our drinking water pure, and adding fluoride is not one of them. Barnett wrote that our water is one of the cleanest in the state, so why would he be in favor of adding fluoride to it?

Informatively speaking, fluoride in our drinking water is not a cure all for preventing tooth decay. First and foremost, tooth decay is controlled by proper diet and oral hygiene habits. A clean mouth does not decay. The consumption of sugar by children and adults is off-the-charts. Sugar consumption and poor oral hygiene habits are the primary culprits of tooth decay, fluoride will not magically prevent that if oral hygiene is poor, and the dietary sources that cause tooth decay are not controlled or eliminated. Regular visits to your dentist for preventative maintenance, fluoride prescriptions in proper dosages and good oral hygiene habits are paramount to early prevention of tooth decay. We do not need to be adding fluoride to our drinking water.

Valerie Alexander

South Lake Tahoe

Palin was right

Regarding your news article about climate change at the Lake Tahoe Community College, here’s a time-saving overview on the entire topic.

During its 40-year history the man-caused global climate change movement has transformed itself, from global cooling to global warming then climate change, as one-by-one all of its false prophesies have been exposed. Most recent to fall is “peak oil.” It must gall climate change practitioners that Sarah Palin was right after all. The frack-baby-frack oil glut has nearly halved gasoline prices and put the lie to the hysterical prediction that world oil is about to run out.

In November of 2009, leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain exposed climate researchers in their own words conspiring to manipulate data to keep their grant money flowing. Read them for yourself on the web.

Lake Tahoe Community College could have served the public just as well with a class on lucky rabbit feet.

Lynn Muzzy

Minden, Nev.

Blue Jay has gone away

A third of winter is spent and the Blue Jay populous that come rain-or-shine or grey cold with snow is usually present.

But for days on end, they have been no-shows.

The feeder hangs full, a daily reminder that Blue Jays are absent and it is a strange event, winter without their presence.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

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