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Letters to the Editor

Response to Ted Long’s letter to the editor

While Ted Long wrote that he has vacation rentals in his neighborhood and appreciates it, I live at Tahoe Keys and I do not appreciate it. I can safely say that the vast major it of permanent owners and residents, with the obvious exception of vacation occupants, do not. Long said that long short term rentals have the same use, they are both residential. He must be kidding.

The properties are residential, but the use is vastly different. Those “old Tahoe” residents like myself, since 1973 know all too well this is not a fact. They do not have the same use. Vacation renters are akin to an animal, many are here to party, on vacation, one exception are families with young children. Adverse conditioning is the most effective deterrent for those who come as vacation tenants often with the mindset of “I paid good money for this place. I don’t know the neighbors and will never see them again, so who cares?” Significant fines of the offending vacation renter named on the contract, eviction, or arrest would work well if used on offenders. If it’s a noise offense it is disturbing my peace.’ Off with your heads’, were I elected Queen of the city. We certainly don’t share the same definition of resident, or much else in the letter to the editor. Vacation rental occupants are here on vacation, a distinctly different use of a residential property. Those of us who live here and also work need a good night’s sleep, without noisy vacationers who do not abide by the conditions of the TKPOA Rules and Regulations. Noise that can be heard by adjacent neighbors is not allowed after 10 p.m. Tahoe Keys security will go to the offending property, and come by the resident that called and disclose information about their warning to the offending vacation occupant. Please don’t bother responding vacation Rental companies, I know you are supposed to disclose the TKPOA Rules and Regulations, but by those inclined to offend, it’s most likely read as carefully as the “do not remove” mattress label is read. Long wrote that some hear a party and call the police others of us go over and join in it. Not me I am a 68-year-old widow living alone on a blessedly, quiet cul-de-sac in Tahoe Keys, the first section of single family homes built at Tahoe Keys.

I have owned and resided at at Tahoe Keys since 1978. and endured the problems incurred by the big home at Tahoe Key, sleeps 10, so 20 will work vacation rental explosion here. As real estate agents marketed to prospective buyers the use it and rent it to individuals and even groups with fractional ownerships. I read all the foreclosure notices in the Tribune. Long wrote that nothing is going on in a long-term rentals that does not go on in a short-term rental. I say bologna!

Long wrote that we should not legislate an important part of our community out of business. I ask, where are facts statistics and data citations? I happen to have a bachelor of science degree in research psychology, because it is a research degree, I was required to observe the same standard of practice that scientific researchers are required to follow. I know junk psychology when I see it, a gross neglect of factual and statistical information and use of emotive based language used in Mr. Long’s letter.

Cathy Andrew

South Lake Tahoe

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