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Letters to the editor

To the editor:

City council candidate owes the City $14,500? Even if it does end up being a quarter of that “alleged” amount, Mike Weber owes the city $3,625. Doesn’t that make Mr. Weber part of the problem, even as he claims to become part of the solution? Please, Mr. Weber, tell us the rest of the story.

With great pleasure, I look forward to learning more about the city council candidates, their qualifications, and their intentions. Thank you, Susan Wood.

Julie Threewit


Don’t get mad, just register and vote

To the editor:

Mad? Why are so many voters mad? I’ve been puzzling over this. I finally think I have it figured out. We get mad when we feel we can’t do anything. It’s sort of a substitute for action – in other words, when we’re feeling pretty helpless and, right now, I’d say, we feel like “we’ve been had.” How so? Well, if you’re a true conservative, usually a Republican, you’re asking: What in heck’s gone wrong with our administration? They’re not what you’d call “Republican,” not what you’d call “conservative.” Not when they operate with no significant control over the national budget, or at least not one they pay attention to; not when they’ve run up our national debt (and it is ours) into the stratosphere such that all our kids and grandkids will take decades to pay it off; not when they’ve only generated a tax giveaway, not a real tax plan. Don’t we have to ask who is the CEO of our America? Doesn’t he know what he’s doing?

And if you’re a true progressive, usually a Democrat, you’re asking: How much more of our America can this administration destroy? They’re not “compassionate conservatives” when they haven’t done anything that’s needed for me or any other American citizen (save the super wealthy) in return for our taxes and our patriotism and our hard work. They haven’t done anything to protect, much less save, our country’s air, water, forests, animals, and wildlands – and our jobs. They haven’t asked anyone if our America should bow out of international treaties that took so long to negotiate. They haven’t asked anyone if it would be okay to treat Congress, America’s allies, and citizens like me, with total arrogance and rudeness.

And whether Republican or Democrat, if we think about what the administration is doing to our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our country as one ruled by laws, not by religious fervor, not by messages from a God, not by promises never meant and never met, then it’s very clear why most of us are feeling had, and totally betrayed. Don’t we have to ask whether the CEO of America knows that “we, the people” exist, that he is indeed just the man at the top for now, just an ordinary, very ordinary person, and, despite what he thinks, not appointed by his God to be president, as he says he is?

That’s it. We just need to remember that the president has been hired by “we, the people,” that his CEO contract can be canceled. In November. We don’t have to be angry, because we’re not helpless. All we have to do is register to vote, and then … vote.

Ann Harmon


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