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Letters to the editor

To the editor:

This is my second response to the letter entitled “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” (Nov. 12). The first one wasn’t published. I agree that closing the airport tower was probably the right decision given the current economic circumstances. However, there is an aspect to Mr. Morgan’s letter that really rubs me the wrong way.

Mr. Morgan’s comment at the end of his letter stating that he will soon be visiting Fremont and stupidly asking where he can pick up a check is, in my view, out of line. Mr. Morgan is implying that those of us with second homes at Lake Tahoe are somehow taking a free ride on the local taxpayers. I think it is hard to make a case for that point of view.

I don’t live in my home at South Lake Tahoe all of the time, but I don’t get any kind of a tax reduction based upon how much time I spend there. I pay taxes just like the permanent residents. How can any benefit I receive from the use of public facilities possibly be construed as being equivalent to “picking up a check?”

Chuck Cox


Agency might take on CalTrans? Get real

To the editor:

TRPA wants to what? Sue CalTrans? Get real folks – who is it that keeps our roads passable in winter so that tourists and locals can navigate? And what is TRPA going to win in this lawsuit about the color of guardrails? Personally, I think the rust-colored ones look a little scary – like they are old and rusty and provide no strong barrier (even if that is not the case) and the galvanized ones, for those of you new to this planet, will not remain very shiny for long … a bit of sun and a bit of sand and a bit of weather will dull their finish in one season. They used the galvanized ones on the backside of Kingsbury and I have heard no complaints. And as for the ones on Highway 267? Well, that hardly qualifies as being a highway that runs along the lakeshore or anywhere near it. We could do like they do on many roads in the Colorado Rockies – no guard rails at all – you slide to the edge, you go over!

TRPA, why don’t you spend this lawyer money on clear English (and 10 other languages) signs on our many public beaches and many Dumpster sites around town informing people to throw away their trash! For the beaches: “You bring it in, you bring it out.” And for the Dumpsters: “Put all trash inside Dumpster, not around the Dumpster, and then fully close Dumpster to discourage bears. Anyone caught in violation will be fined $102.”

Karen Smith


Agency seeks to findsolutions, not start a ‘war’

To the editor:

The contentious tone pervading your recent articles regarding the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and its Shorezone Draft Environmental Impact Statement as it relates to homeowners and other organizations disheartens me. Use of the words “war” and “battle” do not truly represent the efforts of all parties involved in this dialogue. To be sure, there are several opinions and agendas that may not agree, but all of the entities are working toward a solution that will be best for the environment, the public, private business and the private property owner.

TRPA extended the commentary period on the DEIS another 30 days in order to be better informed on how it can improve the draft before it is adopted. Various individuals, homeowner associations, basin advocacy groups, and local businesses have taken the time, effort and money to provide suggestions that will contribute to the betterment of the document, which will ultimately serve and protect the needs of the Tahoe basin. They did not make this effort just to bust the chops of the TRPA, but to have their concerns voiced and addressed. Such is the way of our democratic society. Your tug of war, battlefront mentality of reporting on this issue does not serve to unite anyone nor does it sell any more copies of your paper; it merely reflects a divisive, uninformed manner of reporting that should be reserved for the tabloids.

Edward Bokinskie

Tahoe City

FTAA is national suicide for the United States

To the editor:

By the time you finish reading the Tahoe Daily Tribune, another 500 Americans will be out of work, wondering where all the good jobs went.

But the economic blow to working-class communities, which critics blame on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), will be nothing compared to the knock-out punch from the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

If President George Bush strong-arms Congress into passing the FTAA, the United States will lead a mega-merger of 34 countries in North and South America (except Cuba) into a European-style Union.

What proponents call “free trade” and “orderly migration” means open boarders. It means the end of our 228-year existence as a sovereign nation and the beginning of a hemispheric government of socialist bureaucracies with the power to regulate your job, business or profession out of existence.

The FTAA is nothing short of national suicide. Call, write or fax your Congressional representative today or go on-line at http://www.stoptheftaa.org.

Les Hammer


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