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Letters to the editor

To the editor:

There are diverging and some conflicting opinions about the benefits of a Business Improvement District (BID). I want to add positive perspective why the BID is good and necessary for our community. As a basis for my comments, I assume we all agree this is a tourist economy and promoting Tahoe as a destination is important. If you don’t agree with these axioms read no further.

Much of the dialogue about the BID focuses on the City of South Lake Tahoe, businesses that will be paying into the BID, the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority (LTVA) and the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce. Certainly, these entities are at the center of the question. However, there is a partner involved that I hope will be considered, too. The Tahoe Douglas Visitor’s Authority (TDVA) receives the transient occupancy tax dollars on the Nevada side and shares funding the LTVA.

The TDVA contributes funds regional marketing with the knowledge that by combining money with South Lake Tahoe the destination marketing effort is greater than the sum of the parts. Additionally, the marketing efforts undertaken by LTVA are complimented by individual business marketing campaigns (called cooperative or “coop”) further leveraging the money contributed from the public sources – the city and the TDVA. This results in great “bang for the buck.” For each dollar contributed there is about $3 used for marketing.

The TDVA recognizes the need for partnership when we market our community. We all share in the benefit and, therefore, we should all share in the cost.

The BID makes our partnership stronger and will result in our economy growing. The benefits from the BID will be shared by everyone who lives and works here.

Mike Bradford

Tahoe Douglas Visitor’s Authority

BID should be one vote, one person

To the editor:

The Business Improvement District is a bad idea. As proposed, the BID is not local business friendly. The latest “spins” from the SLT Chamber of Commerce show they are desperate to convince local business owners that this additional taxation is in their best interest. Raising taxes when business is shrinking is not the proper method to encourage improved business.

The city raised the business license fees just two years ago, and in November the city sales tax was raised 1/2 percent; then the Chamber representative encourages us to “buy locally.” Sadly, many locals are beginning to see their money going a lot further by driving over to Carson Valley. The service clubs ask for donations for fundraisers in order to support our local schools, activities, and social services – how much can this community “bleed” the small businessman? Consider the cumulative effect – at what point do many businesses close up, families move away, more schools close and teachers are out of work; therefore, tourists will lack local services?

The industries that would benefit the most from this bad BID are not even within the city limits: Casinos and ski areas. South Lake Tahoe is the “bedroom community” for those industries. The SLT businesses that are being assessed the lions share would benefit substantially less than those larger industries which are outside the city and not included in the BID.

I believe in a democracy, it is one vote for one person (or business as the case may be), but the accounting system for the protest vote is dependent upon the business’ gross. All you city business owners out there, be aware that doing nothing on this issue is a vote in favor of the BID assessment. If you want to protest, stand up and be counted – your protest letter must be in the City Clerk’s office by Jan. 4, 1 p.m. I have protest forms to sign, call me: 544-2195.

Joyce W. Blackstone

South Lake Tahoe

Aesthetics shouldn’t supersede safety

To the editor:

Regarding the guardrail and rumble strip issue, I don’t think aesthetics should ever supersede safety. What’s the point of having a guardrail that won’t prevent cars from going off the road? Also it seems absurd to sue Caltrans for providing a guardrail that does provide safety. The rumble strips are designed to prevent potentially fatal collisions. What’s the cost/benefit of creating extra noise/saving lives? How much noise does a collision create?

Why not take this opportunity to create a guardrail that provides safety and blends in better with the environment? There is the possibility of creating something that would benefit Lake Tahoe and other places concerned with aesthetics.

Tricia Ward


Why so much praise for football failings

To the editor:

(Re: “No one can fault McIntyre, Beavers for putting their families first,” Dec. 9)

Why so much praise for two guys that quit a program they ran into the ground? Beavers is quitting for a second time. He quit on a group of kids because they didn’t do what he wanted. And what happened next? McIntyre rehired him to coach the kids he wanted to coach all along. And then after two more years with the class they wanted to help, they quit again, and you are endlessly praising this?

As for future coaches, who is going to make the decision on who to hire next? The same people that allowed Beavers back into the program – and also gave him a co-head coach title? The same people who let Chris Morgan leave for Incline High? The same Chris Morgan who was asked to pick up the pieces after Beavers quit the first time, and who played at South Tahoe and teaches at South Tahoe but drives to Incline to practice each day. The same Chris Morgan who actually cares about kids first and foremost and has also dedicated many years to South Tahoe Football.

While handing out praise, let’s look at their accomplishments the last two years. Made playoffs last year and won a game before losing to eventual state champ Reno. This year, made playoffs despite a 3-7 record. They were in charge of a program that in successive weeks gave up over 400 yards on the ground to Hug at home. Went to Spanish Springs and gave up a State record and #5 nationally 537 yards to Kanellis and 730 yards to the whole team. Then were routed in a playoff game by McQueen that the Lancers obviously called of the dogs after a 40-plus point lead at half. Over 400 students in the Freshmen class and only 22-28 came out for Football? Only 26 juniors and seniors wanted to play Football?

I think you should rethink where you are placing your praise and we as fans and business people, who are being asked to give over $200,000 to support STAT.

Scott Shehadi

South Lake Tahoe

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