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Letters to the editor

Bear park would create jobs, tourism income

The Heavenly bear story was sad. Prospects are poor for bears that can’t return to the wild. As a 40-year Tahoe resident I and my family have always enjoyed the wildlife. The subject generates interest and opinion. Here is mine. The Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Board headed up by Tom and Cheryl Millham has done an amazing job for a long time. I remember their very first animals in the 1970s. But it has been a hand-to-mouth existence with the needs greater than the resources. They’ve done this endless work in their home and converted back yard. Someday they’ll retire. But their work needs to go on.

A few years ago we visited two facilities that could be models for our community with a win-win-win. One was in Tacoma Wash.. It was a veterinary facility for wild animals that was supported by scores of visitors who were able to view the animals of all kinds in very natural, spacious settings. We couldn’t even see some fences. The other facility in Montana was a home for wayward bears. Bears that had trouble with the urban interface lived in a large area where visitors paid to see and support them. The bears were oblivious to people being there and they even had hibernating igloos with remote cameras. There is no reason I can think of except a reluctant bureaucracy that should prevent our community from creating Millham Park. For instance, a place like the old county landfill or the land beside LTCC with a college vet facility could be the location. The animals would win by avoiding death The facility would win by getting the funds they need to treat injured animals. And our community would win by the creation of jobs and eco-tourism income.

Duane Wallace

South Lake Tahoe

Douglas commissioners challenged on water charges

What do you do when your elected representatives demonstrate their appalling lack of ability to govern intelligently, fairly and wisely?

The recent decision to charge two water districts, Zephyr and Skyland, for the upgrades to a third water district, Cave Rock, is just such an appalling decision. I will tell you why.

Over the last 35 years the two districts have made their own upgrades and improvements to their individual water systems at considerable cost to their residents. We asked for no help and received none since it was our water system. Fair enough.

But now the Cave Rock district has some water woes and must pony up to fix up. “Golly gee whiz” say the Douglas County commissioners. “Let’s have Zephyr and Skyland help pay for Cave Rock.”

The key question here: Why, and who does this idea come from?

I’m sure the folks in the valley understand that if your neighbor’s well, three miles down the road from you needs another 50-100 feet, a new tank or lines, he will pay for it, not you. As he should, it’s his water for his property. Fair enough.

So what’s up, commissioners? Is this somebody’s boneheaded idea of fair, just and wise?

I say we throw the three commissioners who suport this out of office and get some new ones. The meeting and vote are this Thursday !

Mike Sharp

Douglas County Resident

An ode to ‘spring’

There’s no better way

To bring snowfall in May

Than to put the ‘blower and shovels away.

Bob Poet


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