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Letters to the editor

Dr. Pat Martin’s Aug. 22 letter (“Not afraid to be the BID underdog”) couldn’t have been more on target.

All the issues he addressed have been of great concern and disappointment to me as well. Instead of getting better, the politics of this town seems to be getting worse.

I am sure there are many others who support his views. We are so proud to have this young man trying to make a difference.

So, to Dr. Martin, you may feel like an “underdog,” but to me and many other hard-working people in this community, we appreciate your standing tall and fighting “the arrogance of the political machine in this town.”

Marleen Eames

Tahoe Paradise

Spare us the legal sermonizing

If Ted Long had been listening instead of imparting his wisdom (“Legal nuances with tourism BID lawsuit,” Aug. 5), he would realize that those of us who have chosen relief through the courts feel strongly that the law was not followed in the creation of the BID. Shortly after the appointment of the advisory committee, it was agreed by most, if not all of the members, that the assessment grid was flawed and should be corrected. Where the advisory committee disagreed was when that should occur. A minority of us felt it had to be corrected immediately; the majority were driven only by the fact that the City Council’s mandate was to impose a flawed assessment so it could be included in the current business license renewal billing – more money extracted from the wallets of the unsuspecting business community in order to perpetuate a failed marketing and promotion program.

It is human nature, and you should know with your purported legal background, that anyone on the opposing side will paint its own picture. We are prepared to lose some battles – the war may be a different story.

It becomes apparent your statements lend credence to the fact that this is, yet again, another means to patch the city’s financial condition. As you have stated, any increase in tax revenue as a result of success in marketing and promotion would benefit the city. Simply, as others have stated publicly, the city should be willing to financially participate in the funding.

Could it be more deceit and backroom dealing that the BID would become the means to finance a convention center, roundabout, city hall and other extravagant ventures that lurk in the halls of the city while our basic city services and infrastructure continue to deteriorate?

I would suggest you adhere to your campaign promise and listen to what the community is saying and spare us the sermonizing. Your recent community survey should serve as a “wake-up” call.

John N. Cefalu

South Lake Tahoe

Overrun by Santiago political supporters

Norma Santiago may be the worst thing to ever happen to El Dorado politics, but she has to be good for tourism. A past weekend I was overrun by her zealots, first at my home, then separately at two friends’ homes. Eight in all, all from Placerville and south, they were promoting her candidacy, yet none could answer any questions to support her outrageous claims in her handout.

She has hit a new high in political cliches – “sound financial management” – she didn’t even know the amount of the county budget. She will fight for “county revenues for transportation and services,” without realizing the city is independent from the county and receives none of this county money. Best of all, according to her flier, she will “diversify the economic base … develop quality jobs and housing.” When I asked how, no answer.

What scares me even more, all her “workers” are from out of town, another power grab to keep the money in the south of the county. At least Dave got us ballfields and a juvenile detention facility. I strongly urge South Tahoe voters to look at the other three running – anyone has to be better than this joke.

By the way, her handout is also illegal. I have reported to the Fair Political Practice Commission. It has no sponsor name or address to respond to. What about support for our airport? Good luck, Norma.

Joe Balius

South Lake Tahoe

Count two votes for Norma Santiago

On Nov. 8 let’s vote for Norma Santiago for county supervisor. This gal will bring people together, not hang them apart. She has a strong sense of fiscal responsibility, which this county sorely needs. And, she’ll ensure Lake Tahoe gets its fair share of county funding for services and transportation. She will work toward diversification of the economy and for a better quality of life for all. Norma will help make available adequate living quarters and quality jobs so that working people can afford to live here and send their kids to school in Tahoe. She will pay attention to the needs of the entire community.

Things haven’t changed much for locals – let’s change them now! Norma is one of us, not a mouthpiece for special interests. She works for Tahoe Women’s Care and has the brains and gumption to do the right thing for a change, without being immersed in self-serving ventures. She is just what we need.

Vote for Norma. Get a kick out of life – instead of getting kicked!

Phil and Bonnie Steinberg

South Lake Tahoe

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